Who are our cleaning champions?

Our cleaning teams are the drive behind the Glad Family. They are 1,400 – strong workers and work as “One Team, One Community’ who bring positive energy and exceptional cleaning services to the assets under the care of Glad Group.

Essential cleaning champions, are trusted by the communities and serve to create clean, safe, and hygienic places. We think every single cleaner is a champion and with ‘Thank Your Cleaner Day’ celebrated a month ago, we would like to again shine the spotlight on some of the people that create the sparkle for Glad Group.  

Introducing our Cleaning Champions!

Darinka Oluic
Cleaner, Westfield Sydney, NSW

Darinka has been a part of the Glad Family since 2010 and is known for her honesty, dedication, and teamwork. She is always positive in her interactions with customers and her colleagues and works to achieve the very best results for her team and Westfield.  

Darinka made significant contributions during the pandemic and is in charge of training new team members and providing site specific inductions – she can do it all!

“Darinka is a true cleaning champion, always so helpful and friendly and immaculately presented. She is a great role model for her colleagues”. – Roger Agyar, National Manager Cleaning Services, Glad Group Property Services.

Berlin Veerman
Cleaner, National Health and Medical Research Council, Canberra

Berlin joined the Glad Family just over a year ago. She is truly respected and appreciated for the contribution she makes to the work community. She is passionate about cleaning and is dedicated to presenting the office environment at it’s very best every day.  

“I am glad Berlin in on my team. She is motivated every day to get the job done correctly and completely. Thank you so much for your quality and your consistency!” – Keyur Patel, Client Services Manager, Glad Indigenous.


Tracy Ann Crocker
Cleaning Supervisor, Rosebud Plaza

Tracy started in Glad Group in 2021 and is known for her proactiveness. Centre Management think she is a wonderful worker and are thrilled with the centre’s presentation standards. She works closely with the team and together they have achieved cleaning KPI results between 93% – 96%.

“Tracy is very dedicated and committed to the site. She ensures everything is working smoothly and everyone is where they need to be at the right times. Her energy and expertise are greatly appreciated given the regional location of the site.” Rahul Kwatra, Client Services Manager, Glad Group Services.

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