Environmental sustainability is a vital aspect of how Glad Group manages its business, with performance reviewed and targets set to improve our performance each year.

Glad Group is committed to reducing its direct environmental impact and has a goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2025. The electricity consumption at our head office is a significant contributor to our emissions profile, and this inspired the installation of a 100kW solar array on the roof of the building.

This has significantly reduced the emissions profile of Glad Group’s corporate office, with the electric energy produced by the 276 panels, it can cover almost all the electricity demand for the building. We are dedicated to fulfilling our responsibility to manage and mitigate environmental risks associated with cleaning processes. We adopt a continuous improvement approach to this and are integrating lower-risk products and practices – those that are environmentally friendly – into our services.

Even though we know the emissions generated from Glad Group’s own operations are relatively small, we understand that there is an important role for us to play in helping our customers manage and reduce the environmental impacts of their assets and operations as well.