Gender diversity

Glad Group is compliant with the Workforce Gender Equality Act 2021. We work hard to promote gender equality and are strong advocates for helping drive employment of women in industries where they are usually less represented. Understanding the industry dynamics and the entrenched culture is essential in helping us close this gap, which we are committed to doing.

Cultural Diversity

Glad Group is an equal-opportunity employer and supports a diverse workforce. Over 60% of our workforce comes from over 25 different countries. We believe that the knowledge shared between our culturally diverse teams helps to improve our processes and site operations. Our staff members speak over 18 different languages and 40% were born overseas.

Reconciliation journey

The Glad Group of companies has an ongoing commitment to playing an active role in the Australian Reconciliation movement, aligned to our broader goal of being a Force for Good. At its heart, Reconciliation is about strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all Australians.

Reconciliation is important because it acknowledges and addresses the historical and ongoing injustices experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and seeks to create a more equitable and respectful relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. It also recognises the unique cultures, languages and knowledge systems of Indigenous peoples and the importance of preserving and promoting them.

To formalise this commitment, Glad Group has developed a Reconciliation Action Plan. Based around the core pillars of relationships, respect and opportunities, a RAP publicly documents an organisation’s commitment to delivering tangible benefits for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, increasing economic and educational equity, and supporting self-determination. 

Glad Group’s RAP Working Group (RWG) is responsible for the development of our RAP, as well as overseeing its implementation and RAP reporting requirements. The RWG meets quarterly and includes people from across the organisation.