Glad Group Services attended the Victorian Learn Locals Awards

On Friday, 24thof February, Michael Joyner, our National Integrated Services Manager, attended the Victorian Learn Locals Awards 2022. Glad Group and Glen Park Community Centre were finalists with the Hungry 4 Success Training and Employment program. This program has been the topic of discussion between state and federal departments for workforce solutions.

In December2022, our team met with Eve Wisowaty, Assistant Secretary, Local Workforce Solutions, Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, who travelled from Canberra to Melbourne and personally thanked Glad Group Services for our commitment and contribution.

David Battaglini, from the Victorian State office, also said: “I think you are rightfully proud of what you have achieved here; this activity is highly regarded by the Department. Kudos to you and your team, and Glad for delivery”.

While we didn’t bring home a trophy, the team left the event with a great sense of pride and ready for 2023 challenges and opportunities!

To date, Glad Group Services have placed over 25 employees from the program across five different industries through our integrated service model. We will continue our partnership with Glen Park into 2023 and this year’s focus will be on indigenous recruitment through a tailored inclusive program.

Additionally, we will support Eastland Shopping Centre’s retailers by conducting programs focused on retail and the soft skills needed for customer service. Our vision for 2023 is to create opportunities for the local aboriginal community and to assist QIC’s retailers in finding suitably skilled staff.

Great work to everyone involved!

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