Glad Group participates in the UN Women’s Lunch

Each year, United Nations Women Australia host a special International Women’s Day lunch, bringing together leaders and changemakers who redefine innovation – creating new social, economic and cultural codes to accelerate gender equality.

Held in unison across most major Australian cities on Friday3rd March, Glad Group representatives had the privilege of attending the lunch in Sydney and Melbourne. This year’s exclusive headline presentation was hosted by Australian Walkley Award winning journalist Tracy Spicer. The segment featured an in-depth interview with ‘me too’ movement activists Tarana Burke and Alyssa Milano who spoke of the deep systematic change that needs to occur within our society and how we all need to be invested in embracing equality to raise social injustice.


Cracking the code

The theme for this year’s UN Women’s Lunch was Cracking the Code. Other keynote speakers, included Senator Katie Gallagher, Minister for Finance, Women and the Public Service and CEO of UN Women Australia Simon Clarke. They touched on the existing gender bias within our search engines, the rise of AI, and the power of data with a focus on how it is being used to build pathways for women cross different industries and domestic violence initiatives.

Jennifer Lam, Service Delivery Manager at Eastland Shopping Centre said it was a great experience to listen and learn the importance of gender equality.

Michelle Pecnik, National Employee Engagement Manager said it was a wonderful opportunity for some of our team members to attend an event that that focuses on the empowerment of women globally, and how Governments and organisations are coming together to create equality and fairness with our society for not only just women but for all.

The event was thought provoking and inspiring with all of us leaving with a wider understanding of the current issues facing equality not just for women but for many groups within our communities.

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