Glad Group is a long-time supporter of the Property Industry Foundation (PIF) which is dedicated to reducing youth homelessness in Australia. The Foundation works closely with the building industry to raise funds to build homes and deliver ongoing support programs so that youth living on the streets have a home and can move from just surviving to thriving.

On Thursday 25th July, PIF celebrated their 25th Anniversary (OK, 26 due to a COVID delay) with a special gala dinner. Attended by Nina Collinson (National Sustainability Manager),Michelle Pecnik (National Engagement Manager) and Chris Atherton (Head of Risk and Compliance), some very impactful statistics were shared reminding us why their work is so important to our communities.

Did you know that:

·      Across Australia, 27,680 young people between 12-24 experience homelessness, and almost half of those are from NSW alone.

·      90% of these youth have experienced violence in their own home before becoming homeless.

·      Young people experiencing homelessness are nine times more likely to take their own life and have a life expectancy of only 47 years.

·      50-80% of young people experiencing homelessness have a higher chance of experiencing mental health issues.

At the event PIF launched their most ambitious project to date in partnership with the Salvation Army. The project consists of 18 purpose-built apartments and the delivery of long-term support programs. On the night, the property industry (including Glad Group) came together and pledged funds to help the Foundation continue their work, raising nearly $1m to fund the NSW project that will start over the coming year.

How Glad Group support PIF

Glad Group will continue to participate in PIF’s fund-raising and support their events with fantastic Glad volunteers! We also remain committed to annually providing four days of maintenance support, ensuring that the homes built by PIF remain in excellent condition for the well deserving young people that live there.

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