Professional Wellness Month at Glad Group

In June, Glad Group celebrated Employee Wellness Month, an opportunity for us to enhance our existing wellness programs and encourage employees to take proactive steps for improved physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace.

A focus on wellbeing

As adults we spend most of our active life working and most of the active part of our day is spent at work. This means there is a close link between work and our health and wellbeing. At Glad Group, we are committed to creating healthy workplaces where everyone can thrive to achieve their best.

To celebrate Wellness Month, here are some of the activities we put in place for our team members:

A Workplace Wellness Survey

Early June, we shared a company-wide survey to get our employees’ feedback on their working conditions and how they feel in their workplace. We know the best way to improve the work environment for all is to gather ideas for improvements, directly from our employees. The survey is currently still running, and we are impatient to share the results with you.

The Push-Up Challenge

We also took part in The Push-Up Challenge to raise awareness and funds for mental health. We would like to congratulate our team members, especially Bianca, Namu, Jen, Shaun, Danny, Michelle, Kiri, Ann, Belinda, Ahmed and Jhonathan for participating in the challenge. The team completed a whooping 24,302 push-ups through the month and raised $890 to support this initiative supported by Lifeline Australia and Movember to raise awareness about mental health and the impact of suicide on Australians.

The challenge has now closed (congrats to every participant, outstanding efforts!) but it is not too late to donate for this important cause:

A Mindfulness Session  

On Tuesday 27th June, we held a special relaxation session in at our Head Office in Sydney. Hosted by certified yoga practitioner Linda Banning, the 45-minute session focused on simple strategies to implement into our daily work practices including breath work, stretches, and chair yoga movements that can be done at our desk to reduce stress.


A lot of health and safe care tips in our Glad Insights newsletter  

In our latest edition of Glad Insights (January – June 2023), we also included some great tips on sleep improvement, self-care rituals, psychosocial hazards management in the workplace and even financial advice to help our staff feel better about their daily lives. Sign up to our newsletter to get a copy!



Stay in touch with us for more information on our wellness programs and follow us on LinkedIn for more regular updates:

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