COVID-19 has had a significant impact on everyone over the last two years. This was very apparent over the Christmas period, which is the busiest time of the year for a retail site. Our sites’ managers and supervisors supported and worked around the clock alongside our site teams to make sure Glad Group provided the best services, no matter what, taking our concept of ‘One Team, One Community’ to a whole new level!

Our Integrated Services Team

The Integrated Services team at an NSW shopping centre went above and beyond this year and received a special mention and recognition from our customer’s management team! This is a very new team as this contract and transition happened in mid-September. To ensure the team achieved all their service responsibilities, the site leadership stepped up working tirelessly to support the floor team in providing the very best services to customers no matter the circumstances.

The integrated services team consists of cleaning, security, maintenance, and guest services. All teams’ members went above and beyond, receiving a special mention and recognition from our customer’s management team!

This is an exceptional result given the team only came together in mid-September 2021. They delivered an integrated services model, a new way of working for everyone. Still, they have all demonstrated excellent team spirit, working seamlessly together, and going the extra mile to support each other.

Our Guest Services team are crucial to delivering a premium guest experience. Heavily impacted by COVID-19 and isolating requirements and a staff shortage, to effectively continue the service during a period of extended trading hours, a significant effort was needed.

How our ‘One Team, One Community’ approach helped us deal with the nationwide staff shortage

Staffing challenges impacted all service streams at this shopping centre, which allowed team members to be cross trained. Security team members were trained in cleaning operations, and cleaning team members took on customer service responsibilities and security support to ensure guests at the shopping centre were following the COVID-19 safety rules.

The maintenance team also deserves a big shout out. Usually working behind the scenes making sure the centre is always looking its best (and nothing is falling apart!). The team ventured in front of the house, giving the cleaning, security, and guest services teams much-needed support.

Arslan Muhammad, our Integrated Services Manager, told us: “I am very proud of my team and the leaders I have onsite. It feels like working with the A-Team!”.

We are incredibly proud of how the team came together, showing resilience, care for each other and a determination to deliver the very best service under challenging circumstances. We would like to recognise those who went above and beyond formally; thank you for your dedication and willingness to successfully take on such a challenge. Well done to all, keep up the great work!

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