National Reconciliation Week celebrations at Glad Group

National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is an annual event observed in Australia from May 27th to June 3rd. The week-long event is an opportunity for all Australians to learn about and celebrate the culture, history, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and to promote reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Glad Group understands the importance of National Reconciliation Week and visions a future where Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians can live together in harmony, equality, and mutual respect.

Members of the Glad Group team attended various events to honour NRW:

  • Monday 29th May: Nina Collinson (National ESG Manager) and Chanel Avias (National Marketing and Communications Manager) attended an event at Marrickville Library Pavilion, hosted by Dunghutti woman, Ashlee Donohue. The event addressed Basic Protocols for Becoming an Ally to Aboriginal People. Becoming an ally is a lifelong process of self-reflection and building relationships and that’s what Nina and Chanel intend to do within their roles at Glad Group. Both are members of the Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group, reflecting their passion for supporting the reconciliation movement.  
  • Tuesday 30th May: Nina Collinson (National ESG Manager) and Michelle Pecnik (National Engagement Manager) took part in the annual planting of hands as part of the ANTaR’s Sea of Hands display. For 26 years the Sea of Hands has been a symbol of solidarity and aims to spread awareness for reconciliation and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice, rights, and respect. Both felt honoured to be in attendance, listening to guest speaker Warren Roberts, founder of Yarn Australia.

  • Thursday 1st June: Our Head Office team hosted a Lunch & Learn session to discuss what Glad Group is currently doing to meet our RAP commitments and how everyone’s voice can make a difference for a reconciled tomorrow. The session, led by Linden Davidson (Head of Strategic Growth) and Nina Collinson (National ESG Manager) was accompanied by a great bush tucker lunch everyone enjoyed.

Supporting our commitment to engaging and educating our people, Glad Group also released a new cultural training module on Glad Academy to increase our staff’s knowledge and awareness of the importance of developing a meaningful and measurable RAP, and sharing information on the actions we are taking to deliver on our RAP commitments.

It has been a thrilling week at Glad Group which enlightened us about the culture, achievements, and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We motivated our employees to get in the spirit of National Reconciliation Week and helped them understand the significance of this week. Chanel Avias, Chairperson of the RAP Working Group, Nina Collinson, National ESG Manager, and Michelle Pecnik, National Engagement Manager, along with the RAP Working Group took initiative to make the most of the week by actively engaging in various activities and showcase our support with National Reconciliation Week. We were grateful to gain in-depth knowledge of the initiatives by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and share among our people. Glad Group is proud to be part of National Reconciliation Week and we are excited to keep our employees engaged and build on the knowledge we have gained throughout this week.  

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