During the month of October, Safe Work Australia asks businesses and workers to join National Safe Work Month, showing commitment to building safe and healthy workplaces for all Australians, free from physical and psychological harm. A safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone. The theme for 2022 is “Know safety, work safely” making safety an absolute priority.


Know Safety, Work Safely

This year’s campaign focuses on various work health and safety topics each week:

  • Week 1 – Injuries at work

The kick-off week focuses on common health and safety risks and how to control these risks to keep workers safe – whether it is from slips, trips, falls, lifting, pushing, and pulling(manual tasks), or moving objects. 


  • Week 2 – Mental health

Mental health, just like physical health, is an important part of work, health, and safety. Work-related psychological injuries and mental illnesses have a significant impact on workers, their families, and businesses. These injuries may result in longer time away from work and cost more than other injuries. During this week, which also incorporates World Mental Health Day (10th October), we will identify psychosocial hazards and manage psychosocial risk, highlighting practical steps to control some common hazards around the workplace.


  • Week 3 – Managing WHS risks and preventing harm

Managing WHS risks involves thinking about what could happen if someone is exposed to a hazard and how likely it is to happen. We should always aim to eliminate risks or if that’s not possible, to at least minimise potential risks. During this week, the focus will be on managing WHS risks and preventing injuries and disease, including how and when to consult with workers on health and safety.  


  • Week 4 – Safe and healthy work for all

Australia is a world leader in WHS. Unfortunately, workers and others continue to be injured at work, and sometimes fatally. This week we look at the future of work, changing patterns and ways of working including the rise of automation, changes to work organisation and the emergence of new forms of work that will create both opportunities and complexities for Australia’s WHS system.


Glad Group is committed to fostering a positive workplace culture that cares for the people that create our success through safety and wellbeing initiatives. We will be covering these themes during the month of October via toolbox talks, face-to-face training sessions, safetea discussions and a very special and moving safety session with special guest Patrizia Cassaniti. Patrizia is the CEO of the “Touched by Christopher” foundation and recipient of the Gold Stevie Awards, Maverick of the Year 2021.


For more information on safety at work, please visit:


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