Modern Slavery Remediation Workshop at Glad Group

The Supply Chain Sustainability School and Glad Group hosted an in-person workshop in Sydney on Monday 20 February 2023. The seminar explored what companies should do if their grievance mechanisms identify an issue of modern slavery.

Modern slavery is a complex issue to remediate*, made more dynamic when we consider:

• Stakeholders are networked with competing grievances and interests.

• Stakeholders may be from different jurisdictions, countries, and cultures.

• Traditional legal avenues may be limited in resolving all the issues or providing desired outcomes, and

• High risk of conflict escalation.

Facilitated by Sarah Blake and Hayley Jarick (CEO and Company Secretary of the Supply Chain Sustainability School), the session attracted a range of participants from different roles across business and different industries. The attendees explored a real-life scenario, discussing a practical approach to the commencement of remediation, as well as an identification of the stakeholders that would need to be involved. The discussion included identifying some of the key challenges and hurdles that would need to be overcome.

In particular, the workshop focused on:

1.      Unpacking modern slavery remediation issues.

2.     Conflict and dispute resolution for beginners.

3.     Remediation process pros and cons.

Glad Group is proud to be a Supply Chain Sustainability School Fellow and is looking forward to hosting future workshops and sessions to mitigate modern slavery risks in the property services industry.

*Remediation is the process used to facilitate the resolution or response to the breach of obligations. Itis an act or process used to address or fix the problem.

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