In honour of National Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June),we take this opportunity to announce the launch of our second Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for May, 2022 – May, 2024.

Our Glad Group Journey

We pride ourselves in playing an active role in the reconciliation movement, supported by our goal to be ‘A Force for Good’ for the community and the environment. Glad Group strives to demonstrate the importance of diversity and inclusivity which has shown progress since 2019, through the foundations being implanted across our reconciliation activities within our business.

Glad Group seeks to form respectful and significant relationships to engage and listen, so that we can continue to learn and grow our awareness and understanding of the stories, wisdom, cultures, and contributions of the First Peoples of Australia.

Our Ongoing Commitment for Change

Being a responsible and sustainable business is critical to the achievement of our strategy, earning the trust of our people, customers and the broader community and committing to and delivering on our RAP commitments. Glad Group’s purpose is “We create safe places and welcoming experiences, everyday”. We are on a critical but impactful journey, establishing additional structure and more targeted priorities to elevate our approach.

Moving forward we believe this RAP enriches the deliverables we embarked in our first RAP journey. By placing more ambitious targets, we are focusing on strengthening our relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and businesses.

Finally, it may be concluded that we understand we must acknowledge the past to determine the pathway for the future, that is why Glad Group is committed to making changes to a gap that remains to exist.

Have a read of our Reconciliation Action Plan today!

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