Kiri Chase joined the Glad Group in May 2022 as Head of People & Culture. She brings a wealth of experience, passion for people and a strong work ethic. Kiri leads our Human Resources, Insurance and Payroll teams and is based in our Sydney Head Office.

Over the past few months, Kiri has been working on developing a leading workplace where we maximise the full potential of our workforce through established policies and practices. She also put in place strategies to achieve effective employee recruitment, engagement, and retention, leading Glad Group to become an Employer of Choice.


Hi Kiri, thank you for taking some time to talk to us!


1.     Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Kiri: Outside of work, I am a wife and mum. We have two boys, aged 9 and 6 and 2 dogs so life is busy! I have a strong focus on wellbeing and fitness, and I love working for a company that supports my wellbeing and allows me to achieve balance in my life.


2.    What brought you to join Glad Group?

Kiri: I actually used to be Glad’s Insurance Adviser between2015 – 2020. When this opportunity came up to work with Glad again, I jumped at it!


3.    Can you talk to us about your team, and how you drive them to achieve the best results to support all our employees?

Kiri: I have an outstanding team! We are a diverse group of people, but we are all aligned in terms of the vision we share for people and culture at Glad. We are working together to develop procedures and clear roles and responsibilities so we can work effectively with our operational colleagues to support our people and our business to thrive.

4.    What were your priorities when you got appointed Head of People & Culture?

Kiri: My priorities were very clear:

·      Build a fully resourced payroll team and create opportunities for new challenges and development within the team. I am pleased to say this is done and the team we have on board and the right people to achieve our priorities.

·      Establish processes and clear responsibilities across P&C and the Operational teams so that we can work effectively together to support all Glad employees.

·      Ensure a service mindset within P&C. One where we value the work our employees do every day to contribute to the success of the company and in turn, we feel compelled to support them wherever we can to help them bring their best selves to work every day.

·      Successfully deliver our IT transformation. We are in the middle of transitioning our HR and Payroll systems which is going to improve the user experience not just for my team, but for all Glad employees.

5.    What is your long-term strategic vision for the Glad Group?

Kiri: My long-term vision for the Glad Group is that we are truly an Employer of Choice. That in a competitive industry such as ours, that the best Cleaning, Security, Maintenance, Electrician and Concierge employees in the market, want to, and actively choose to, work with Glad Group because of the value and support we deliver to our employees.


6.    What does a typical day in your role look like?

Kiri: My days can vary quite a bit. However today is a Monday and as an example, today I will:

·      Spend a couple of hours responding to emails and setting up my key priorities for the week. What do I need to complete, what doI need to check-in with my team on and what do I need to follow up?

·      Review of our existing time and attendance systems and identifying what improvements are required.

·      Completing reporting for Workplace Gender Equality

·      Checking in with the teams on any urgent or priority matters

·      Site visit


7.    As Head of People & Culture, what piece of advice would you give to any new starter at Glad Group?

Kiri: To any new starter I would say, we have a great team of supervisors and managers across this business. Do not be afraid to ask questions and be curious as you get to know the business and settle in.






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