Embracing Renewable energy

Glad Group’s commitment to sustainable outcomes includes significant emphasis on managing our environmental footprint. With a strong focus on renewable energy adoption, we have taken several measures to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and transition towards a greener future. By implementing innovative solutions such as solar power and GreenPower plans, Glad Group is successfully powering its Eastern seaboard State offices with renewable energy, marking a significant step towards achieving its long-term goal of carbon neutrality.

Solar array at Rockdale Head Office

At Glad Group’s Rockdale office, where head office staff is located, we currently have a 100kW solar array installed. This solar array plays a vital role in managing the energy requirements of the NSW Head Office, generating most of the power needed to operate the facility. Although the solar array covers a substantial portion of their energy needs, a small amount of power is still purchased from the grid due to existing limitations.

Transitioning to GreenPower

Recognising that Australia’s energy grid is primarily powered by fossil fuels, Glad Group has decided to take proactive steps to reduce its carbon footprint. For the NSW Head Office, we have chosen to purchase GreenPower to fulfill our remaining energy requirements from the grid. GreenPower is an Australian-based program where the money paid for the power is directed towards renewable energy generators, including solar, wind, bioenergy, and hydro. This commitment allows Glad Group to contribute towards zero emissions, aligning with our long-term goal of carbon neutrality.

Expansion of GreenPower Adoption

Glad Group’s dedication to renewable energy extends beyond the Rockdale office. Last year, when the Melbourne State office was relocated to the CBD, we wasted no time in securing a GreenPower plan to fulfill its energy needs in that region. Additionally, the energy plan at the Brisbane State office has been switched toa GreenPower plan, ensuring that all of Glad Group’s Eastern Seaboard State offices are powered by clean, renewable energy sources.

Advantages of GreenPower

Opting for GreenPower plans brings several benefits to Glad Group. Firstly, the power purchased through GreenPower directly supports renewable energy generators, encouraging the growth of these industries in Australia. Furthermore, the zero-emissions nature of GreenPower aligns with Glad Group’s commitment to carbon neutrality. By actively choosing renewable energy sources, the company sets an example for sustainability and showcases its dedication to responsible business practices.

More information can be found in our 2022 ESG Report, for our other initiatives: Sustainability Report (gladgroup.com.au)

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