Congratulations Tyler Sayers

As mentioned in our previous article, we are committed to upskilling our youth through the implementation of an Apprenticeship Program. Today, we are pleased to announce that Tyler Sayers has recently completed their electrical apprenticeships. After 4 years of learning and upgrading his skillset, he is now moving forward into a licensed tradesman role in Glad Maintenance.  

Here is an interview of Tyler Sayers describing his experience as a Glad Maintenance apprentice:

What motivated you to start an electrical apprenticeship with Glad Maintenance?

When I started my university, I just felt like that it is not what I want to pursue. I was looking for a job, I called my friend who was working at Westfield Sydney who recommended me to speak with Anthony Wall from Glad Maintenance. He painted a great picture of Glad Maintenance and telling me it was a big and good company to work for. I was quite impressed with all I heard and decided to send an email to Anthony. He invited me for an interview, which went great, and I have been a part of Glad Maintenance since.

What skills do you contribute to your apprenticeship?

As an apprentice, the first year starts off watching and learning. In that period, you learn about what kind of tools you need for tradesmen’ specific jobs. As you watch, you grow your own intuition, like what kind of tools the tradesmen might need, and it prepares us for future. If I am in a similar job, I should have these tools ready for myself. Absorbing the skills by watching, learning, and doing the tasks repeatedly was very helpful at the start. It is a dynamic industry, and we learn something new every day on the job. It forces you to think outside the box especially in commercial and retail environments, compared to domestic work. We have to consider public safety and several other factors which comes natural with experience.  

When I started my apprenticeship, I was not as confident as I am now. We talk to a lot of people in commercial, buildings and construction sectors on a daily which helped me to develop my people skills. It is much different than I expected but I am now confident in the choice I made, and I see myself develop in the role over the years.

What advice would you give to someone considering an electrical apprenticeship?

I would say just go for it. It is rare for people to choose electrician as a field these days. I want to encourage the future apprentices to join this Apprenticeship Program. Glad Maintenance have a big and broad range of works, from electrical testing to sub main runs. You can learn a lot at TAFE but working with Glad Maintenance has taught me about big data, big power, small power, sub maintenance, tenancy handovers and several other skills which helped me to build experience in this field. Working in commercial and retail is a better path to choose in my opinion as you deal with variety of work on a daily and helps you build a dynamic set of skills.  

Lastly, I would like to say to the any future apprentice who decides to join Glad Maintenance’s Apprenticeship Program to listen and learn. If you think you are not good right now, you will be in future with experience. It is a tough road but over time you will realise it is a happy one. I have stayed 4 years as an apprentice with Glad Maintenance, which has helped me to understand the industry better and gain my licence. It has been a rewarding experience for me with the support of Anthony and everyone at Glad Maintenance and it will be for you as well if you are willing to learn and make an effort.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tyler for his outstanding work and congratulate him on this significant milestone in his career.

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