Congratulations James Wong

We are thrilled to announce and congratulate James Wong, who has successfully completed his Glad Maintenance Apprenticeship Program. It is a remarkable achievement that deserves recognition and celebration. Being a part of the program for 4 years, completing an apprenticeship demonstrates dedication, hard work, and a commitment to professional growth. Today, we celebrate James Wong’s accomplishments and look forward to the bright future that lies ahead.

Read this interview as James walks us through his journey as an apprentice:  

What motivated you to start an electrical apprenticeship with Glad Maintenance?

When I started my university, I was not motivated by the lifestyle and atmosphere I was in. I had an option to either start university or trade work and I chose to pursue university, but it did not feel right.  

I quit the university to start a trade in electrical. I was going through job listing on SEEK when I found Glad Maintenance. The role they offered was suitable to what I was looking for. When I started working with Glad, I felt more enthusiastic about the electrical field and knew this was what I want to work and grow in.  

What skills do you contribute to your apprenticeship?

I was already in an apprenticeship program with a different company before joining Glad Maintenance where I was not able to learn a lot since they had one site and similar jobs every day. After I joined Glad, I was exposed to a much broader work with multiple commercial and retail sites ranging from small projects to larger ones.  

It was a completely different experience as I was not doing the same work every day. My work diversified in the range of different tasks which gave me an opportunity to learn and understand the electrical field better. The tradesmen I was learning from were skilled and patient, they took their time to answer my questions if I had any and showed me the way on how to complete tasks efficiently and safely. I felt like I had a head start as there were similarities in the job and what I learned in TAFE practical classes. I had the basic understanding of what I was doing, and it helped me to apply those skills in real life scenario.

What advice would you give to someone considering an electrical apprenticeship?

I would advise them to be willing and go for the opportunity. It is difficult at first and there might be instances where you feel like it is not for you, but I want to encourage the future apprentices to learn and power through it. Once you start understanding the work and gain knowledge about what you are doing, it gets easier, and it might be the best the thing that happened to you.  

Glad Maintenance have an exceptional team that supports you and help you with your journey. The managers and tradies that you will work with will help you understand the role and job. They will guide you patiently making sure you understand the job before moving on to next. From the day you start, they don’t expect you to know everything and make sure that you are not left alone at a job. The work itself is quite diverse as working in commercial helps you gain a lot more in a short period of time. I would add that it is an effort on an apprentice’s part too as you have to be willing to learn and absorb that knowledge. I have grown a lot and developed my skill set since I first joined, and I hope to motivate all the future apprentices through my journey at Glad Maintenance.  

We thank James for taking some time to answer our questions and invite you to read another electrician’s interview, Tyler Sayer. Stay tuned for the next one!

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