On Wednesday 27th October 2021, the Australian Security Medals Foundation announced the 2021 recipients of the St Johns Save a Life Award. We would like to congratulate Daniel MacRae (123 Eagle Street, Brisbane) and Sekone Ioane (Westfield Mt Druitt) for their successful nominations.

Last week we told Daniel MacRae’s story, this week we bring you Sekone Ioane‘s story.

Sekone Ioane’s Story

In June 2021, Sekone identified a group of persons of interest (POIs) moving through the centre and sensed the possibility of reckless behaviour. Sekone began monitoring the group’s actions and followed them through the food court at which time his instincts proved correct. An incident broke out in the food court and spilled out into the car park area. Sekone was quick to react to the situation calling for immediate support and was at the scene as the situation escalated. Quickly assessing the situation, Sekone realised that if he did not intervene quickly, potential significant injuries would be sustained by one individual. Without hesitation, Sekone inserted himself into the middle of a group of youths.

He grabbed the victim, who was being set upon, dragging him to safety. Sekone turned his attention to the group of youths before him. His training kicked in and he proceeded to use all the correct techniques to diffuse the situation and disperse the group.  If it wasn’t for his initial observation, the victim’s injuries would have been far worse – no doubt life-threatening.

A bit more about Sekone Ioane

We sat down with Shaun Luxford, Clients Services Manager, Security, NSW to learn more about Sekone and this is what he had to say. Shaun tols us that Sekone is always happy and smiling. He is always willing to assist anyone wherever he can. Sekone also assists with the youth programs within the local area. Sekone has been working at that same shopping centre for over 15 years. He is energetic and proactive when it comes to his performance. Sekone is now in a leadership role and is developing his leadership skills.

Sekone is constantly looking at the bright side of whatever situation he is dealing with. He leads his team by example and shares his experiences with them. He is highly respected and liked by his peers and co-workers, Sekone is a team player who is constantly training and developing his team.

About the Australian Security Medals Foundation

Since 2010, the Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc. (ASMF) has been honouring exceptional individuals in the security industry through several awards designed to acknowledge their contribution to the community. Partnering with St John Ambulance Australia, the Save a Life Award recognises security officers that have been faced with making critical decisions or taking action to save a life. The award provides a way for the community to support those who demonstrate the very best in security professionalism.

Please join us in congratulating both Sekone Ioane and Daniel MacRae as award recipients. This is an amazing achievement that not only represents living our Glad Group values, it is a reflection of the commitment both have to their roles and contribution to the community.

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