Celebrating Thank Your Cleaner Day!


Thank Your Cleaner Day is always an important date in our calendar. We thank our cleaners daily for the work they do, but it is in keeping with our culture of care that we take pause to really celebrate the incredible work they accomplish.

We know that cleaning is one of the most essential duties, this has never been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resilience demonstrated by our teams was truly exceptional. As essential workers, and still very much are, they are the cornerstone to keeping our communities safe.

Everyday, hundreds of our skilled, hard-working cleaning staff are onsite ensuring our working and living environments are ready to go for the next business day. Our cleaners work day, night, and weekends and often outside of normal working hours to maintain clean, safe, and sanitary environments for our customers.

It has been another tough year especially with flooding in several states, through these challenges our cleaners have continued to show up and go above and beyond in their roles. We are extremely appreciative of the continuous diligence displayed this year.

Westpac Place Cleaning Team

From everyone at Glad Group we would like to recognise all our cleaners across Australia and New Zealand for their hard work and let them know they are valued and appreciated. We are aware of their vital involvement to our business as we would not run sufficiently without them.

Well done!

Maddington Central Cleaning Team
126 Phillip Street Cleaning Team
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