Avetta Award 2023

Safety in the workplace is a paramount concern for any organisation. It not only ensures the well-being of employees but also contributes to improved productivity, compliance with regulations, and enhanced customer satisfaction. We are proud to announce that Glad Group Services has recently received a prestigious supplier award in the security and cleaning divisions, which not only reflects their dedication to safety but also highlights the significant strides we have made in this domain.

Belinda Bogoevska, National Risk and Compliance Manager, describes what this award means for Glad Group Services, the importance of safety standards, and association with Avetta in the below interview.

1. What does this award mean for Glad Group Services and how has it been achieved?

The achievement of this award signifies Glad Group Services unwavering commitment to fostering a safe work culture within the organisation. It is an indication to our ongoing efforts in developing and upholding safety standards that serve as a model for success.

Glad Group Services’ employees took proactive steps to ensure that safety standards were not just met but exceeded. They underwent training programs in Glad academy, Toolbox Talks, adhered to safety protocols, and constantly sought ways to improve safety measures within the workplace. The employees’ collective dedication to safety played a pivotal role in achieving this award.

2. What is the importance of safety standards at Glad Group Services?

Safety standards are not merely a compliance requirement at Glad Group Services but an integral part of our values. The importance of safety standards means we have a greater chance of:

•            Reducing workplace incidents

•            Improving employee morale and productivity

•            Reducing risk within the workplace

•            Efficient adherence to regulatory requirements and compliance

•            Enhanced customer satisfaction

•            Promoting the wellness of employees and employers alike

3. How do we work with Avetta to improve safety and compliance?

We recognise that achieving and maintaining safety excellence requires collaboration with experts in the field. To this end, we have levered the Avetta platform to enhance safety and compliance in our daily operations.

Through supplier meetings and customer inspections, we work together to review safety rules, discuss preventive measures, and keep workplace safety at the forefront of their operations. This proactive approach ensures that all stakeholders are well-prepared to respond effectively to any safety-related issues, should they arise.

“The safety of our employees is our number one priority. As a team, we thrive each day to improve safety in the workplace, ensuring our employees go home to their families. Achieving this Supplier Award drives Glad Group Services to continue advocating for the importance of safety.”

To read our WHS policy, Click here: Glad Group – WHS Policy

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