An update on Glad Group’s environmental initiatives

Like most businesses, Glad Group relies on natural resources to deliver our services. We know that these natural resources are being depleted at too fast a rate, so take our responsibility seriously for reducing the environmental impacts of our business. Beyond taking actions within our own operations, we are also engaging with our suppliers to encourage them to act, whether that be to reduce their own environmental emissions, the waste associated with their products or services, managing their water consumption, or ensuring that they give mind to biodiversity impacts.  

Our environmental strategy

Our environmental strategy is embedded across Glad Group’s operations, starting with a clear Environmental Policy that articulates our aspirations and objectives. We have adopted a systemic approach to environmental management with our Environmental Management System (EMS) certified against ISO 14001:2015. This ensures we are focused on continuous improvement in our most material environmental impacts. This is then supported by work instructions for certain processes and procedures to ensure the minimisation of any potential environmental impact, and training for all our people to ensure they understand what best practice environmental management looks like and how it applies to their day-to-day role.  

Should any issues or non-conformances occur, we take action to address them and manage any consequences in line with ISO 14001:2015, identifying root causes and implanting actions to ensure that they do not reoccur. Environmental performance also forms a key part of Glad Group’s balanced scorecard which ensures that performance against targets is regularly assessed. For example, emissions performance is reviewed at least quarterly by the ESG Committee, and our Senior Leadership Team.

Our areas of focus

Glad Group’s key areas of focus are:

▪  Continued implementation of our Environmental Management System.

▪  Maintaining on-going compliance with environmental legislation and regulation e.g., potential discharges to land or chemical releases to water etc.

▪  Managing our scope 1 and 2 emissions with a focus on energy and climate and minimising potential impacts from our upstream supply chain.

▪  Collaborating with our customers to manage and reduce their environmental impacts noting that Glad Group can only influence customer policies and practices.

▪  Achieving carbon neutrality by 2025.

▪  Reducing resource consumption, including natural resources, materials, and water.

▪  Supporting a circular economy approach.

Find out more about our environmental initiatives, download our ESG report here:  

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