Glad Group’s sustainability strategy, ‘A Force for Good’, has a significant focus on inclusion, diversity, and equal opportunity. As an incredibly diverse company ourselves, we recognise the value this brings to our business and are keen to ensure that this diversity extends to true reconciliation with, and inclusion of, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Launching Glad Group second RAP

Glad Group has developed its second Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Lead by our cross-functional RAP Working Group, this two-year plan has recently been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

This plan sees us continuing our reconciliation journey, through collaboration and learning from the experiences of other organisations. Taking this approach is helping us to understand how we should prioritise our reconciliation activities to ensure they result in positive and impactful change.

Meeting Cath Brokenborough

The RAP Working Group recently had the privilege of speaking with Cath Brokenborough, a proud Wiradjuri First Nations woman and the Executive Lead for First Nations engagement and reconciliation at Lendlease. Cath has more than 30 years of construction and property industry management experience at both project and corporate level. She is the first female Chair of the Board of the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre; a Board member at the Queensland Building and Construction Commission; Chair of the Dhawura Ngilan Cultural Heritage Business and Investor Initiative; and Co-Chair of the NSW Treasury Aboriginal Advisory Council.

In her role, she has led the development and implementation of three RAPs, including two Elevate RAPs. Cath shared her vast wisdom and experience on working with First Nations people, providing advice which to put very simply was “be brave, make change!” (aligned to this year’s NRW theme). She shared the importance of getting out and connecting with the community, whilst engaging your senior management team in the journey and joining great initiatives and activities being led by others.

Cath emphasised the importance of engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the planning stages of everything that we do, and that both large and small actions are required; whether than be introducing a new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation to Glad Group or going to the Aboriginal Land Council and introduce ourselves for a meet and greet. It is only by collaborating, and being brave, that together we make a real change.


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