We are delighted to share that Glad Group has recently announced its latest Modern Slavery Statement.

Modern Slavery Statement 2021 Cover

Covering financial year 2021, the statement illustrates the activities that we have undertaken during that year to mitigate the impact of modern slavery both within our own operations and supply chain.

The Modern Slavery legislation was introduced to Australia in 2019 and requires organisations with revenues of more than $100m to report on their activities to combat modern slavery both in their own business operations but also their broader supply chain.

This is about people, and we put those people and the potential impacts to them at the heart of our approach. We are focused on building our expertise and extending our reach over time, implementing a risk-based and continuous improvement approach to enhance transparency, knowledge, and management of modern slavery risks.

We understand there is many improvements to carry out, as our statement talks not only about what we have done, but also what we plan to do in the future.

If you have any questions in relation to the statement or what Glad Group is undertaking, please free to contact us directly on our website.

Read our Modern Slavery Statement 2021

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