Glad Group supports Diversity Day

Every year on the 21st of May, UNESCO leads the celebration of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, which is also known as Diversity Day. It is a day that is set aside to appreciate the cultural diversities between different countries, states, and people in the world. At Glad Group, we have a strong focus on inclusion and diversity. We conduct regular training sessions designed to increase our team members’ understanding of diversity, as well as providing awareness of unconscious bias and other barriers to diversity and inclusion. We also explain the benefits and challenges of diversity and provide ways to be more inclusive.

According to the United Nations, bridging this gap is essential for peace, development, and stability. When we deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity, we can achieve the following four goals.

  • Support sustainable systems for the governance of culture.
  • Achieve a balanced flow of cultural goods and services.
  • Integrate culture into the frameworks of sustainable development.
  • Promote human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Glad Group has a very diverse workforce, and the Respect@Work training, led by Bradley Roe creates awareness within the business so we can better manage, communicate, and express what we need to in the most respectful and effective ways.

Our purpose says,

“We create welcoming experiences and safe places, every day.”

90 different nationalities within the Glad Group.

2,500 staff members trained on Respect@Work

13 training sessions across all states

Respect@Work Training

Respect@Work training was sparked by the employment law changes that have occurred over the past two years. These include the:

  • International Standard changes
  • Safe Work Australia’s changes around psychological safety
  • Respect@Work Act 2022.

These changes put a focus on how we can be more proactive and exercise a positive duty around making sure our workplaces are respectful, inclusive, and welcoming. We are also rolling out the training as an education and awareness piece, so the entire company is aware of what these changes are, how they are affected by them and what the expectations are moving forward about creating these environments.

Meet Bradley Roe, HR Generalist – People & Culture department

Bradley has been in people management since 2014 working his way up to an area management role where he looked over 100 team members. Eventually, Bradley landed a role in the People & Culture department and fell in love with training, onboarding, and supporting the team in any way he could. Bradley’s hard work and love for his job eventually led him to Glad Group where he joined in July 2023.

Whilst at Glad Group, Bradley has learned so much in the brief time he has been here. He has been a part of countless onboarding sessions, and now is working with the rest of the People & Culture team and operations to train and coach our teams for continuous improvement.

“I have a huge passion for diversity & inclusion as a queer person looking to create safe spaces for all our employees.”

Being a part of Respect@Work has allowed Bradley to meet some of our amazing teams across each state and to also see the impact that this training has. We look forward to witnessing the business evolve, and to being a part of those changes for more inclusive, welcoming, and respectful workplaces. We congratulate Bradley’s outstanding contributions to promoting diversity, inclusion and equity, and his commitment to excellence is truly valued.

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