Glad Group’s community engagement approach is simple. Our people engage with the community every day by the very nature of the work that we do. And the work that we do is critical to underpinning the sustainability of the communities we work in.

Our multi-cultural and diverse teams:

  • Ensure business and retail environments are clean, hygienic and free from hazards (cleaning)
  • Provide peace of mind and safe spaces for community members to work and shop in (security)
  • Preserve and maintain sites, reducing downtime (maintenance)
  • Make people feel welcome, provide support and help address and resolve questions or issues as quickly as possible (concierge)

Our commitment

We commit to acting ethically and operating in a manner that takes into account societal and environmental issues and perspectives. Through this commitment, we aim to make a positive contribution to the community, our people and the environment.

Glad Group has been a proud and active community member throughout our 30+ years of history. We encourage our employees to make a positive contribution to their local communities and the environment. We value longer-term relationships and have a particular focus on the identification and support of Shared Value initiatives that generate simultaneous business and societal value. Such an approach lends itself to the long-term sustainability of our partnerships. This we believe is good for our partners, the community, our people and Glad Group.

We identify our community partners by assessing their track record of making a genuine impact on the community and capacity building. We seek to align ourselves with organisations that align with our values and culture.

Our focus

We focus on improving the social outcomes of the communities where our people are located.  To do this, we look for new and innovative ways to engage, in order to tackle key social issues. We know that we cannot tackle every social issue so have aligned our areas of focus to issues of most importance to our stakeholders, that is:

  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Safety and Wellbeing

The way this translates practically sees us provide support to, and help develop opportunity for, more vulnerable members of the community. This means supporting community partners, programs and services to help connect people and provide opportunities for those who are more vulnerable, currently excluded from society or disadvantaged. This involves developing or supporting programs that actively tackle pressing issues such as youth homelessness and domestic violence.

This approach sees us move beyond philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. We are being more strategic, thinking simultaneously about our business and our capacity to contribute to positive and lasting societal change. At the corporate level, this means that we support a select number of organisations, programs and initiatives. Through these, we aim to seek deep and long term relationships focused on community impact and outcomes.

Our support at a local level

At the local level, we support our teams based at client sites to develop an understanding of the key local social issues. In doing so, they can contribute to supporting those communities on the issues of most importance to them.

We don’t just invest financially, we also share the time, skills and expertise of our people. We look for ways our people can get involved and create value in the community. This includes using our expertise to assist community partners; through volunteering; participating in events that raise awareness and/or funds for important and relevant issues; donating funds for emergency relief. Engaging our employees through community programs also promotes a better work-life balance and provides the opportunity for them to contribute to the community.

Check out the initiative our team at Eastland were involved in: https://bit.ly/2RfGlB1

Glad Group supports:

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