Glad Indigenous exists to provide professional cleaning, security, and traffic management services across Australia. Central to our business charter is a commitment to grow learning, opportunity, employment, and income security to Indigenous peoples and communities – helping to bridge the gap for First Nations people.

Being a people-first organisation

This commitment is fundamental to our business purpose. We are a people-first organisation; the engagement of the right people, with the right skills, for the right job is the very foundation of successful partnership with our clients. To that end, we have developed an extensive Community Engagement Program that focuses on building community relationships to drive better community and business outcomes. We know that partnering with local communities is critical for recruitment and Glad Indigenous seeks to engage in a two-way program of mutual learning and cultural development. We understand that each community is unique and culturally diverse – by connecting with local communities, Glad Indigenous will grow our understanding of cultural practices which we will use to refine our recruitment and employment strategies.

It is important that we begin our connection with communities understanding that we are there to learn – to appreciate the wisdom and stories of the people, get their community feedback as well, to understand if there are any specific barriers to employment that need to be addressed or overcome.

Our Community Engagement Program

Implementation of the Community Engagement Program will see Glad Indigenous form relationships with Indigenous communities where we have either won a contract or are seeking new business. Practically, this means that part of every program for new business won will include community outreach and engagement approach.

The Glad Indigenous Community Engagement Program enables the business to build its understanding of Indigenous culture and practices (and bring this into every perspective of the business). Additionally, by seeking the input from Indigenous Elders, recognising their valuable insights we will also be able to connect more broadly with their communities about career pathways and opportunities in the property services industry. It is planned that training and mentorships will be provided to community members as part of this program – to identify the leaders of Glad Indigenous of the future.

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