Green and clean by 2025!

At Glad Group, we are on a mission to be green and clean by 2025. Since April 2022, our procurement team has been searching for the right solution to replace traditional chemical-based cleaning agents with a range that delivers on cleaning performance, is easy to use, and is environmentally friendly.


Introducing the Enviroplus range from Abco

We are excited to partner with Abco and bring their eco-friendly Enviroplus range to customer sites across Glad Group operations. With Enviroplus, we are moving to natural and organic cleaning products that are GECA-certified. Aligned to going Green and Clean by 2025, using Enviroplus at all our sites means we are poised to support the health and wellbeing of our people, minimise our impact on the environment, and still deliver the absolute best hygiene, cleaning standards to our customers.

This powerful, environmentally friendly commercial cleaning solution is formulated from plant extracts, microbial, antimicrobial, and enzyme technology to offer organically powered cleaning. Several of our cleaning teams recently transitioned to Enviroplus solutions, dispensed through the Rubix closed loop system.

Roger Agyar, our National Manager Cleaning Services, demonstrated the Rubix system at our Head Office in Sydney.

Roger said: “We initially trialled the Rubix dispensers at some of our sites in Western Australia and Queensland. The outcome from our staff was incredibly positive – our teams said the system was very functional with an easy-to-follow colour-coded system. We are now rolling it out successfully in New South Wales and Victoria, where we are already seeing some great benefits.

As we always try to focus on using environmentally friendly products, we are looking forward to 2023, as we will continue to develop and deepen our partnership with Abco”.

Craig Dowell, Director at Abco Products added “Glad Group has been one of Abco’s longest standing and valued national customers. The launch of the Enviroplus range is revolutionising cleaning in Australia and our team has had the privilege to visit many of the Glad sites around Australia, talking to their cleaners to better understand their challenges.

During this process it has reinforced to us the value that Enviroplus brings not only to cleaning contracting companies wanting to be more productive and reduce their CO2 footprint; but also, how Enviroplus through its powerful formulations does a better job in cleaning than other traditional chemicals.

This is clearly making the end job easier for cleaners and contributing to a healthier working environment for them. We are also extremely passionate about partnering with customers like Glad to support the Indigenous Literacy Fund Book Supply Program, which continues to go from strength to strength.”

The system ensures accurate dilution, eliminates exposure, and reduces wastage – it is easy to use and facilitates:

∙ Reduction in our carbon footprint through reduced material handling by using one key supplier for our green cleaning products.
∙ Efficiencies – saving time for our managers with less ordering and invoicing.
∙ Seamless, onsite training – provided by an experienced Abco technician, with every cleaner.
∙ Effortless changeover of solutions when changing out empty containers with no direct contact for cleaners.
∙ Easy maintenance of the Rubix dispenser to ensure it’s always in optimum working order.


Abco’s aim with the Enviroplus range is to provide customers with a comprehensive environmental solution that delivers:

∙ Reduced transportation weight
∙ Reduced delivery frequency
∙ 90% bio-degradable within 28 days
∙ Reduced plastic waste (Post-Consumer Recycled/PCR and super concentrate)
∙ Reduced overall CO2 emissions.

A partnership that gives back

We are always looking for ways to give back to our community. Through our partnership with Abco, we are giving children living in remote communities access to books and learning resources. With each purchase of the Enviroplus range, a portion of our sales is donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation, making a positive impact on indigenous communities.

So far, Glad Group has contributed to donating 685 books in the calendar year 2022 and as we continue to grow the partnership, and with more implementations of Enviroplus across our portfolio, we are looking to significantly increase those donations in 2023.

Our cleaning operations team is working closely with Abco to develop a national rollout plan so that our cleaning teams contribute to achieving our customers’ sustainability targets daily.

Contact us if you want to hear more about these initiatives!

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