cleaner pathways


Do you want to know what your cleaner pathways are? or other job opportunities? As part of our retention and engagement approach, we help employees navigate which direction their career should go in. For some this will be around moving into a new job family or into a more senior position. Our organisational structure and development programs provide many choices for employees.

At Glad Group, our integrated services delivery model provides many and multiple career path options. We help employees assess where they want to go, through looking at their preferences and strengths across a range of factors:

  • What are their current skills (strong communication, problem solver)
  • What are their experiences (hospitality, consulting)
  • Where are their interests (technology, science, social)
  • What do they value and what are they motivated by (helping others, money)
  • What personality traits do they have (outgoing, cautious)
  • What formal qualifications do they have or are working towards achieving
  • Are there any location considerations for them to consider

The benefit to employees with an Integrated Services Model is that we provide the entry point for a range of job families and then we offer the opportunity to move across job families or up into team leader positions.

Under our integrated services model, cleaner pathways and all jobs share common values and behaviours. This means employees can move through into different positions once they have the technical training or acquire the necessary qualifications.  For example: with the right values, behaviours and a commitment to providing premium customer service, a Landscaper, once completing their Security Licence/qualification(s), could easily transition into a security role.

If you wish to apply for a job within the Glad Group, please send your resume to and address it to ‘Human Resources’. Head over to our LinkedIn or Facebook pages to know more about the Glad Family.

Glad Group values diversity and encourages interest from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and people with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds to apply.