Glad Group Security Officers Ahmad El Masri, Novica Ilic and Brendan Noble were acknowledged for their dedication and heroic efforts, receiving one of the security industry’s highest accolades, The Australian Security Medal of Valour at this year’s The Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc’s gala awards event, held at The Museum of Contemporary Arts on Friday 14 September.

Ahmad El Masri and Novica Ilic’s Story

Both men were initial responders to a volatile situation within a large Liverpool shopping centre in February 2018. They were faced with a situation that could have easily escalated into a deadly incident. With limited resources they managed to control two large angry groups engaged in an altercation, saving a life in the process.

Ahmad El Masri’s quick thinking saw him physically disarm a knife from a would-be attacker, thwarting his attempts to stab an unsuspecting victim from behind.  The amazing part is the potential victim didn’t even know what was going on behind his back as he fled the scene, he simply walked away to live another day.

Novica Ilic, acted as a human barricade physically blocking the large group from spilling down the shopping centre escalator into the food court. His efforts ensured collateral damage was kept to an absolute minimum, stopping the flow of violence from further entering the shopping centre.

Together these Security Officers acted selflessly and heroically. They put themselves directly in harm’s way, miraculously stopping what could have been a fatal injury and countless injuries to innocent bystanders.

“What I know is these men acted with such bravery, risking their own lives for strangers. Not only did they stop a stabbing they also stopped innocent shoppers from witnessing something horrific. Since this incident Thursday night shopping has been incident free. Ahmad and Novica have both largely contributed to the Security Teams’ success and remain focused on providing a great customer experience in a safe shopping centre.” Moss Taione, Client Services Manager, Glad Group

Brendan Noble’s Story

In June 2018, Brendan Noble was the first responder to a medical emergency within a small Perth shopping centre. An elderly male had become unsteady on his feet and collapsed in a store, prompting retail staff to contact security.

Brendan Noble, Security Officer and Moss Taione, Client Services Manager, Glad Group

Brendan Noble, Security Officer and Moss Taione, Client Services Manager, Glad Group

Brendan took full control of the incident utilising his limited resources by requesting retailers and cleaning staff to contact emergency services and secure the area, whilst he provided first aid. He continued to support the elderly man until paramedics arrived. Brendan has been acknowledged for his outstanding efforts, quick thinking and leadership qualities he displayed during this traumatic incident, which could have easily overwhelmed others. Brendan remained calm and responded appropriately under extremely difficult circumstances.

Ahmad El Masri, Novica Ilic and Brendan Noble are all deserving recipients of The Australian Security Medal of Valour and we congratulate them for their service and bravery.

The Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc, was established to honour every day heroes that keep us safe at our local shopping centre, place of work or at a special event. Their aim is to change perceptions of the security industry and highlight the importance of security in our society.