Our Systems

Glad Group’s accredited Integrated Business Management Systems (IBMS) underpins all aspects of the Glad business combining functions relating to the quality of the service, work health and safety standards and environmental management.

Our IBMS is designed to support and continuously improve our integrated property services model, in compliance with relevant legislation, regulations, codes of practice, and to the applicable standards.

Quality Management System

Glad Group’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and is a manifestation of Glad’s best practices, our learning and growth perspective and our strategic vision. The objective of the QMS system is the establishment of processes for planning, implementation, feedback and continual improvement which promote service quality and enhancement through constant monitoring and measurement.

Our Quality Management System is an integral part of every employee’s day to day working life. Our clients’ expectations are the foundations of our quality system which ensures focus always remains on delivering service excellence at every level. Our employees are held accountable to this policy and their performance metrics are based on it. This means we can monitor and report back to our clients the high compliance rate we have with the policy across the organisation. This gives our clients peace of mind that their contractors are consistently delivering a quality service and adapting to any feedback provided.

To download a copy of Glad Group’s Quality Policy, click here.

Health and Safety Management System

Glad Group’s Health and Safety Management System is certified to AS/NZS4801:2001 and consists of detailed policies and procedures outlining the responsibility, interrelation and authority of Glad personnel who perform and verify work that has an impact of work health and safety related matters. Our rigid management and audit processes ensure quality delivery to meet all work health and safety guidelines.

Glad has an internal department dedicated to the management of all Workers’ Compensation matters nationally. The Workers’ Compensations team works closely with our insurers to ensure that the best rehabilitation options are provided to our employees.

To download a copy of Glad Group’s Health and Safety Policy, click here.

Environmental Management System

Glad Group’s Environmental Management System is certified to ISO 14001:2015 and it demonstrates Glad’s commitment to implement environmentally sustainable work practices.
We have invested in programs and initiatives that are not only environmentally sustainable, but provide positive environmental outcomes. We work together with clients to ensure overall sustainability objectives for a building are met, contributing to the achievement of Green Star and NABERS ratings.

We believe that changing behaviour and increasing awareness are the most fundamental requirements for any Environmental Management System. As a result, our staff is trained in sustainability practices to ensure sustainability outcomes are achieved, and improve bottom line savings.

To download a copy of Glad Group’s Environmental Policy, click here.