Counter Terrorism certification


At a time when terrorism seems to regularly dominate the news headlines, is at the top of nearly every country’s national security agenda and is considered to be the greatest security challenge of our time, we see leading property management companies investing in risk management strategies to not just protect their assets but the people who visit them every day to work, shop or simply have a cup of coffee with a friend. How companies identify risk and their response capability has become extremely important.

Glad Group’s Security Division offers clients a security platform based on continual development, training and education of our Security Teams involved in the operation of public arenas. This is especially important for identifying potential risk, how to be aware and emergency response capability.

As part of our ongoing initiatives, Rod Moolman, our Security State Manager for VIC recently completed the Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) course in Singapore. The certification is an internationally recognised qualification providing demonstrable proof of knowledge and expertise in terrorism prevention, detection and deterrence. Some of CCTP’s partner organisations of include:

  • FBI National Academy
  • International Counter Terror Officers Association
  • Florida Swat Association
  • International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association
  • Asian Police Officers Association

The course covers fourteen key areas of counter terrorism, which gives participants a unique set of skills and competencies ranging from understanding risk implications via scenario based training and applying effective detection and deterrence methods. It is also endorsed by Skills for Security UK, The International Society for Crime Prevention and The International Association of Counter Terrorism and Security Professionals.

“With CCTP qualifications we now have the capacity to conduct risk assessments for corporate and government clients. The knowledge gained will also be shared with our Security teams around the country, extending our understanding of various threat types such as Active shooter and Terrorism threats, both of which have already been identified by several of our clients” said Rod Moolman.

In an age where risk management is at its most critical, this certification places Glad Group in a unique position to assist clients in the security planning process to help ensure the safety of us all through innovative leading global techniques.

10 years MLC Centre


It’s not very often that an employee stays with the same company for 10 years. It’s even more uncommon for a whole team to stay at the same company, working at the same site for 10 years. That’s how dream teams are created.

Long term staff retention is something all organisations strive to achieve. The longer a staff member is with a company the more valuable they become. They’re ideal for training and mentoring others, promoting your brand to potential clients and consistently deliver quality work.
Here at Glad Group we are proud to announce this month alone five more of our staff members celebrate ten years of service. What makes this even more special, they have worked together for the last ten years – a real dream team, providing first class security services to MLC Centre Sydney.

“I am so proud of what the team at MLC Centre have accomplished. They embody the family culture instilled across our organisation and their dedication, hard work and loyalty is truly inspirational.”
James Carlile, Chief Operating Officer, Glad Group

Led by Security Manager Ravi Paliwal, the team has achieved continuous success over the years with numerous nominations and awards for GPT’s People First Awards, for their ongoing high performance standards in customer service.

So, it’s not surprising that Gilbert Johnson won the inaugural People First Ambassador Award this year for his service dedication.
We could not be more proud of this exceptional team and all they have accomplished. Each of these individuals is responsible for enhancing Glad Group’s reputation and delivering the very best customer experience. We look forward to the next 10 years!

Picture: James Cass (Dockmaster), Gilbert Johnson (Security Officer), Ravi Paliwal (Security Manager), Leonard Joudo (Dockmaster) and Sangdeep Ghasti (Security Controller).

Cyclone Debbie


It’s been almost two weeks since severe Cyclone Debbie hit South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. The cyclone was branded the most dangerous since Cyclone Yasi in 2011 and left chaos behind for the communities in the affected areas. One of these areas was Murwillumbah, where the Wilsons River reached 11.6m and flooding left people stranded on the roofs of their homes. Over 20,000 people had to be evacuated and more than 45,000 were cut off from power and water supplies. So far over 750 homes have been deemed completely uninhabitable.

Many Glad staff were directly affected by the crisis, being stranded at their places of work. Sunnyside Mall in Murwillumbah was one such location, with the team unable to leave the area to return to their homes. Having been put up in a hotel locally – which also flooded overnight – they got to work helping to salvage the mall, particularly important because it houses the town’s only supermarket, which people desperately needed to access for emergency supplies.

“Your team provided great support and constant feedback on specific location conditions; which helped me immensely in being able to deploy resources accordingly – including sending some staff home who were far too dedicated for their own good!”
Andrew Head, Operations Manager, Charter Hall

Everyone in all locations really had to pull together and dig deep to find the resources to weather the storm. We are incredibly proud of all of our brave staff who did and continue to do everything they can to help with the clean-up efforts.

Clients have been united in their thanks for all your hard work.

“I was very impressed at how the whole Glad Team at Sunnyside Mall performed during the extreme weather conditions and flooding in the area. The whole lower level of the centre was flooded and as soon as the team could get access to the centre they sprung into action.
Nothing was too much trouble for them and they even worked on their days off to ensure the centre was open and trading as soon as possible. All up we lost 2 days of trade due to the weather and flooding, but without Arnold, Louisa, Rhia and Stanojka it would have been much longer.
Thanks from Mitch and the Charter Hall team.”
Mitchell Phelps, Centre Manager, Charter Hall

The Bureau of Meteorology has said another cyclone may be brewing near the Tiwi Islands, but that it shouldn’t affect our coastline. Hopefully the worst of the weather has now passed and we don’t see the likes of Cyclone Debbie again.


International Women's Day Glad Group


Well what a week!

Gender Equality Awareness Week started as a pet project for a few of us women at Glad Group. Not just something that sprung up last week, this is something that is extremely important to us and we have been ruminating on for months. The more we spoke about it in the office the more we realised how important this was to people; and not just the women. So we decided that it wasn’t enough for us just to get behind International Women’s Day; we wanted to show our very real commitment to diversity and gender equality. So was born Glad Group’s Gender Equality Awareness Week.

So what did we do? We designed and undertook a number of initiatives to highlight gender equality and its importance in today’s world. These included:

These are all things we are rightly proud of, but we have to be honest, we didn’t get there without a fight. Some of the reactions, from men and women, were indifferent at best and disparaging at worst. Fortunately they were significantly in the minority. The most important thing is that we got there in the end.

The message is clear; this is an ongoing issue that is incredibly important to every gender, not just women, but we still have so far to go.

For Glad Group this week is just the beginning. Now we’ve taken the pulse of our staff and our clients we will keep learning from those who forge the path to true gender equality and keep taking strides in the right direction.

Thanks to everyone who took part so actively in our inaugural Gender Equality Awareness Week. We look forward to working with our teams and clients to make this world a better, more equal place.

Women Gender equality diversity security


The Security industry is one where women are still extremely under represented. With the stigma of Security personnel being “a large male with little between their ears”, as quoted by Kelli Courtenay, our National Security Operations Coordinator, how do we turn these stereotypes around and make it into what it actually is – an appealing career move for women.

These days security doesn’t just mean the traditional guard patrolling grounds looking for trouble makers and keeping them at bay; it encompasses cyber security, anti terrorism expertise, electronics and digital monitoring. It requires soft skills rather than just physical strength and is enmeshed with all the other soft property facilities services. Cybersecurity, in particular, is an area where the required skills are still very much in short supply.

At Glad we have 90% males and just 10% females in our Security Division. Understanding the industry dynamics and the entrenched culture are all essential to helping us close this gap, which we are committed to doing.

Glad’s initiatives mean we are taking a proactive approach to promoting gender equality. We asked Gordana, our State Manager for South Australia, how she got started, what it means to her to be part of the burgeoning security industry and what she thinks of the very real opportunities unfolding in front of women:

“I have to admit starting in the security industry as a female was hard as it was (still is) a mainly male oriented industry. People would take one look at me and have immediate opinions because I wasn’t a big bouncer looking male and what could I do in emergency situation? I like to prove people wrong and brain is always better than brawn!

As Rosalynn Carter said “You have to have confidence in your ability, then be tough enough to follow through”. I am a firm believer in that.

After bit of door knocking I was given a chance and worked my way up to my current position. Persistence and hard work prove that it is not about how big you are or what gender you are, it is about getting past those labels and proving that open communication skills, attitude, people relations, adaptability and empathy are what make a great manager in the security industry.

It is hard for women as we can harbour more doubt within ourselves that nobody will give us a chance in such a male dominated industry. But as Glad has already shown with its current staff, we are open to equal opportunities for females in all security roles – everyone will be given an opportunity to work in the industry based on their work ethics, not their gender.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

If you are interested in a career in the security industry please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

gender equality men women diversity


I grew up in a fairly traditional home with old fashioned gender stereotypes. My dad worked long hours while he was building up his business. Mum worked long hours too, but on top of it she had to come back home and do all the cooking, cleaning and washing as well as getting me and my sister ready for school for the next day. No mean feat as any working mother will know. I am not trying to denigrate my dad. Not at all. He worked incredibly hard 15 hours a day and when it came to household chores, he simply didn’t know any better. He was just raised like that. So was my mum.

If it wasn’t for my parents’ hard work and dedication, I wouldn’t have the opportunities that I do today. I am the Executive Director at Glad Group, an integrated property services company that employs over 2000 people. A big responsibility and something I don’t take lightly.

What I also take extremely seriously is gender equality.

vacuum cleaning father son equalityWhether you are male, female, or however you identify yourself, I believe you should have the same rights as everybody else.

I want to make sure that our employees work in an environment that is free from harassment, bullying and stereotyping and this means that I must lead by example. As my dad likes to say “the fish stinks from the head”.

I will always be grateful to my mum for her tireless contributions but I want to actively help things change. I have a son and I will work very hard to make sure he knows that he will be responsible for making equal contributions in his household. To believe that women are his equals both in and outside of work. To recognise people for their skills, not their gender and to be compelled to speak out when witnessing discrimination.

I also want to make sure that any daughter of mine isn’t expected to take on the burden of a household alone. That she can become the CEO of the company of her dreams if she so desires and that she is paid the same as any man who may hold that position.

Unfortunately today the statistics are shocking and stacked against her: more than 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs are men; 40% of agricultural workers are women but less than 20% of those women own land; violence against women–at home, on university campuses, and in the workplace–continues and is regularly ignored. I find this very disturbing and work hard to play a role in changing it.

My wife, Ivana also works at Glad Group and is a tireless advocate for women’s rights. Both her and I are working together to make sure that we are building a better, more equal future for our children and all future generations.

What are we doing?

Well, of course this is Glad Group’s first annual Gender Equality Awareness Week.  We are also actively encouraging sponsorship and mentoring of women in our workplace. People who have sponsors are 23% more likely to advance their careers, according to research from the centre for talent innovation. Importantly, we are encouraging men to become involved. As men we must first acknowledge that there is a problem and then take an active role in doing something about it.

I am taking the pledge today! Will you join me?

diversity women leadership gender equality


Do you remember when you were at school and playing in the playground? There were always a few kids who would naturally take the lead and be organising the others into groups or giving them tasks. Unfortunately if you were a girl this often translated into ‘bossy’ whereas the boys would be classed as ‘leaders’. Were you one of the bossy ones? leadership

Are you so outspoken today? If not, why not? Probably because you have learnt the hard way. The hard way being that you can be seen as pushy, or difficult, or hard work. Because your opinions don’t necessarily gel with those of the women and men around you and that can make your working life harder rather than easier. Ridiculous, right? Not so. In fact there has been a whole campaign around it: ‘Ban Bossy’.  It seems we are not alone.

Don’t get us wrong, women should be outspoken, but it is a shame that women and other minorities still have to fight so hard to be heard.

There is a change in the tide though, with great women leaders showing us the way, such as Sheryl Sandberg, Helen Clark, Melinda Gates and closer to home Marie Bashir, Edith Cowan and Anna Bligh.

But beware, there is another ominous side to women in leadership – unfortunately sisters all too often don’t do it for themselves. They can turn on each other, fail to help each other out and even purposefully hijack others’ plans. The good news is that, more often than not, when you see a successful woman, there is a tribe of other successful women who have got her back.

The property services industry is still seen as quite a male domain. At Glad, we have worked tirelessly to promote those with skills, who work hard and offer us innovation and points of difference. This has led us to have noteworthy diversity statistics:

diversity leadership women IWD

Glad have women in leadership roles and women on the front lines and we observe over and over again that the more diverse our workforce, the better our performance is.

So let’s keep working together, both men and women, to make our working world a better place. Utilise those mentoring programmes and offer support to those who need it where you can. If each of us keep doing our bit and lead the way, then together we can move mountains.

IWD 2017


I, Ivana Iloski, am a Champion of Gender Parity! I am also a feminist!

There was a time when I was embarrassed to say that out loud. Not because I wasn’t one, but because I didn’t want to be seen as an ‘angry, bra burning, ungrateful, whiny woman’. After all I have the right to vote, I work, I am fortunate enough to live in a country where I have access to birth control and even more fortunate to have a partner with whom I equally share household responsibilities.

So, what more could I possibly want?

Well, I want to be a catalyst that will make a lasting positive difference for the women of the world.

Being part of the Glad Group family and one of the actual family behind the Glad Group, I feel a sense of responsibility to drive positive change. As part of the senior management team, if I don’t pay attention I am ensuring that things won’t change.

Our company has both informal initiatives and formal policies in place. Women have always been encouraged to progress within the company. Nick Iloski, Glad’s founder, has always said that “women make extremely good and reliable managers”. Statistics confirm this with 55% of our middle management being women.

Does this mean we are done? That there is nothing more to do? Absolutely not. We are still underrepresented in leadership. The numbers in our security division are even more shocking. This is most likely not the case only at Glad, but in the property services industry over all. It’s not all bad news though, as some companies have started paving the way, creating diversity councils, stretch targets and groups such as male champions of change. It is time for us to join them.

In order for us to change, we must first understand!

What challenges are women facing in the workplace? What can we do to help? How can we get men involved? How do we actively fight unconscious bias? I have spoken to a few of my colleagues and asked them about their thoughts.

When asked what her advice to women in the industry is, our State Manager in WA, Tracy Kalphas said:

“I truly believe women are natural leaders and entrepreneurs. So grow your business based on your skill sets and your brain! As women, we have a lot of both!

Strive to be the best you can be… Internal motivation is key, because if you’re not pushing yourself, who will?”

Tracy has been in the industry for 25 years, but what about the new talent walking through our doors each day? We want to help the women in our business understand their potential and offer them real opportunities for growth.

Katarina Cabric, our Client Services Manager in QLD, contributes a lot of her success to her mentor and QLD State Manager, Stanojka Basic;

“Stanojka has been my mentor since day one in my role. She has made sure that I understand all aspects of the industry and have the necessary knowledge to do my job. Most importantly, she taught me how to always challenge myself to be the best I can be at my job and continue to grow.”

We all face different challenges; unfortunately, more so if we are women. But this is where change starts – with our first Gender Equality Awareness Week. No longer will we rely solely on an Equal Employment Opportunity Policy as being sufficient to tip our hats at Diversity and equal opportunities for all. It is time to take a more active approach and get everyone involved; for the better of our employees, our business and most importantly of all, a better world.

GPT Group People First Award


On Thursday, 23 February, the GPT Group celebrated its inaugural People First Awards event. The event took place at NGV International in Melbourne and was attended by a number of GPT staff, as well as contractors. The purpose of the event was to celebrate consistent customer service excellence and acknowledge individuals who have unfailingly gone above and beyond their duties. Matthew Fady, GPT’s Head of Office & Logistics and Andrea Roberts, Head of Asset Management, presented the awards to the worthy recipients.

The People First Awards were launched in 2016 by GPT. Their aim is to create unique and memorable experiences for their customers and visitors across their office portfolio in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They recognise that people are time poor and want to create places where people are happy to spend their time as well as make the teams that bring those places to life for them feel valued.

People and teams were nominated for awards in various categories. The Glad Group had multiple nominations, including our One One One Eagle Street cleaning team who were nominated for the Team Award – Effective and Jatish Arora who was nominated for the Individual Award – Courageous.

The main award of the night was the People First Ambassador Award who is awarded to a special individual who continues to go above and beyond in their role and embodies the People First Values. Out of the 61 nominations submitted by management, peers and customers, it was Glad Group’s Gilbert Johnson, Security Guard at MLC Centre who won this fantastic award. Very well done, Gilbert!

Glad has been working hand in hand with our clients over the last few months to implement new Customer Experience focussed programs. People First sits perfectly alongside these values and we are thrilled that our clients are recognising the work we are doing in this area. We are rolling out new reward and recognition programs ourselves as well as frontline customer experience training for all our staff.

Congratulations to all Glad’s nominees; we look forward to continuing to provide you with the support that enables you to do your jobs to the very best of your abilities.

Picture: Gilbert Johnson, Security Guard at MLC Centre and Matthew Fady, GPT’s Head of Office & Logistics.

certification security


Glad Security is proud to announce its latest certification to the NSW Government Work Health and Safety Management Systems (WHSMS) Auditing Guidelines.

Over the last few months, our security division has been working hard with Best Practice Certification (BPC) to achieve the highest standard in Security Workplace Health and Safety.

The NSW Government Work Health and Safety Management Systems (WHSMS) Auditing Guidelines (5th edition) were developed to ensure that companies contracted to undertake work on NSW Government infrastructure projects meet the safety requirements and standards.

The certification is one of the key requirements of the Procurement Policy Framework of the NSW Government and applies to companies wishing to tender for NSW Government work valued above $1 million.

What does this mean for our current and potential clients?

Glad Security’s WHS management system incorporates processes and procedures that have not only been certified by an independent auditor, but now they have also been reviewed and certified by a government body which strengthens our approach to WHS matters even further.

This certification demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that we provide a safe working environment for all of our people.
Our Compliance Team keep us across the latest developments in this area and work closely with our Operations Team and external partners to deliver the latest requirements, trends and best practices across our business.
Steve Iloski, Executive Director

Some of the benefits of the certification include:

  • Ensuring that a minimum standard across all NSW Government projects is being met
  • Improved safety outcomes for all industry participants
  • Increased productivity and efficiency by improving planning
  • Reduced risk of accidents and their associated costs
  • Reduced public liability insurance costs
  • Improved management of health and safety risks, both now and in the future
  • Providing a comfortable and safe work environment for all employees

Even though this certification is specifically required by government, it also gives our corporate clients an additional layer of quality assurance that our WHS standards are of the highest level.