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Since its establishment in 1989, Glad Cleaning has been improving corporate success  in the Australian Property Industry, providing a range of quality, cost effective services to major Australian and international companies in the retail, commercial, education and industrial sectors.

Our extensive experience, growth and national presence has enabled us to become one of Australia’s largest national providers of cleaning services. This means that we are ideally positioned to deliver seamless and professional service on both single assets and large multi-site portfolios.

Glad Cleaning can do the following:

  • High-traffic areas
  • Consumables
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Individual tenancies
  • Hygiene services
  • Pest control services
  • Front of house
  • Waste services
  • Tenancy and retailer de-fits

Are you striving for excellence?

If you think your cleaning services could be better, we’d love to show you how. We partner with our clients to put more time back into your calendar, reduce operating expenses and, ultimately, provide a level of care and service that shows.

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Balance for Better International Women's Day


Why is Gender Balance so important for Glad Group

Gender balance is at the core of what we stand for at Glad Group, where each of our 2500 employees must have access to the same opportunities and be able to develop their career. By tapping into the full potential of men and women, Glad Group is stronger, more innovative, and better at serving its clients Australia wide.

We have been on a journey at Glad Group to make gender balance a reality. We have put in place an ambitious strategy and have worked tirelessly to raise awareness among our teams.

Our diversity and inclusion targets for 2019 are:

  1. Glad workforce to achieve 45% / 55% female to male ratio by 2023. This will be achieved by focusing on the recruitment of more female security and concierge team members.
  2. To boost the number of females in security and concierge roles, Glad Group will partner with Security Education facilities to better understand the barriers to attract and develop more women in security and concierge roles.
  3. 25% women in Senior Leadership roles by 31 December 2021 with a stretch target to achieve equal female to male representation at the senior leadership level by 2023.

In 2017, we asked our employees to #BeBoldForChange, by encouraging staff to step up and take ground-breaking action to help drive gender equality.

In 2018, we worked together to #PressforProgress, demonstrating that individually we are one drop, but together we’re an ocean.

Glad Group believes the key to a harmonious society is balance, which is why we are proudly supporting International Women’s Day ‘s 2019 theme #BalanceforBetter and will continue to invest in workplace initiatives dedicated to gender equality.

It is our social responsibility to not only develop policies about gender equality in the workplace, but also to enforce these by setting and achieving targets that show our commitment and achievements.

Gender equality is now an anchor of Glad Group’s culture, values and strategy. We are creating leadership opportunities for women, deploying a long-term internal campaign on the importance of gender balance and, critically ensuring we never stop thinking and improving gender balance at Glad Group.

Glad Group believes in the absolute necessity of gender balance. The company has long been committed to addressing these gaps and to promoting the place of women on its teams and in the property service industry.

Our goal for International Women’s Day is simple: enhance gender balance in our workforce and empower women across the entire value chain.




Since its establishment in 2007, Glad Maintenance has been providing a cost-effective, high-quality property maintenance services to a variety of clients ranging from residential properties, commercial buildings and retail facilities. Our maintenance services include major and minor-scale capital works to improve the appearance and value of a property.

We specialise in new commercial and retail fitouts and refurbishments Our recent projects range from retail, industrial and commercial, bathroom and kitchen renovations to landscaping and gardening, roofing, line marking, paving and glazing.

Glad Maintenance has sourced experienced personnel in the building and construction sector with industry capability spanning over 30 years. From minor project works through to major capital works we have the know how to effectively manage your next project. We are constantly expanding our maintenance teams with experienced, trained and proficient professionals, equipped with the right tools to get a variety of work done quickly and effectively. Our Job Management System allows our clients to view the status of their work requests at any given time.

More than half of all Australian properties are impacted by their unproductive equipment and physical assets. It could be a faulty forklift or poor plumbing. That’s why Glad Maintenance provides a cost-effective, high-quality approach to maintenance services across a wide range of industries.

Through our Job Management System clients can log a new work order at any time and allocate the level of priority with the option to assign a preferred technician for the works. Our system then tracks all works so you have an overview of status and completion at the click of a button.

We continuously look for ways to achieve efficiencies for our clients. Our fully fitted vans are effectively mobile workshops enabling our teams to improve their response times and increase their productivity. In addition, our extensive network of suppliers provides additional opportunities for cost efficiencies through our buying power. Our maintenance services can easily be built into our wider integrated service model. This offers our clients a one-stop shop for equipping your business with a range of professional services, helping save time and valuable resources.

Are you striving for excellence?

If you think your maintenance services could be better, we’d love to show you how. We partner with our clients to put more time back into your calendar, reduce operating expenses and, ultimately, provide a level of care and service that shows.

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Not only does the standard of cleanliness impact productivity, it also contributes to the general satisfaction of employees.

Employees are better engaged when their office is maintained with a professional standard of hygiene. People often relate hygiene and cleanliness as one; however, cleanliness simply does not define hygiene.

In other words, a work area can be visibly clean and might still be prone to cross-contamination, simply due to lack of awareness of the housekeeping staff.

Cleaning should not just be considered as a chore or an expense but more like a feature which adds value to a brand’s stance. Good upkeep never goes out of fashion, in addition to the health and comfort benefits it leads to.

When people think of sanitation, the bathroom is likely the first place to come to your mind.

However, there are other areas that can breed germs just as easily. Doors and other surfaces in high traffic areas will see plenty of hands daily, meaning lots of germ build-up with plenty of exposure to employees. Desks, phone receivers, and computer keyboards also tend to be breeding grounds for microorganisms, even the pantry if not maintained time and again—in fact, they can actually be more vulnerable than toilets. Safeguarding all these areas is vital to a healthy workforce.

The science behind cleaning and hygiene is also an important thing to consider. A smartly designed cleaning process will amount to minimal disturbance or downtime to any designated function. It reduces likelihood of mistakes and skipped steps, which is important when it comes to maximising the efficacy of a maintenance routine.

In a well-managed facility, employees get the benefit of an office that conforms to their roles, and this enhances the productivity in many ways.

Glad Group’s professional cleaning services are well-known all over Australia, our cleaners are trained in all areas of commercial and industrial.

Our extensive experience, growth and national presence has enabled us to become one of Australia’s largest national providers of cleaning services. This means that we are ideally positioned to deliver seamless and professional service on both single assets and large multi-site portfolios.

If you think your cleaning services could be better, we’d love to show you how. We partner with our clients to put more time back into their calendar, reduce operating expenses and, ultimately, provide a level of care and service that shows.

Click here to discuss how Glad Cleaning can help your business or call 1300 452 347.

Glad Reconciliation Action Plan


Being part of a team that’s creating something special for your organisation is an amazing experience.  It’s uplifting, has a positive impact on your self-worth and motivates you to make a greater contribution to not only your work family but the broader community.

Earlier this year Glad Group started on a journey to Reconciliation, taking mindful steps to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan that reflects our desire for inclusiveness and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

In August we took a big step, with a dynamic workshop held with the wonderful team from the Aboriginal Employment Strategy Ltd (AES).

Bringing together our business leaders and staff from all different departments, we took the time to reflect on what Reconciliation means to our organisation and some of the initiatives that will form the basis of our plan, so that it’s meaningful and measurable – we all had lots of fun along the way.

The workshop, overseen by Kristy Masella (AES), revealed simple ways that any organisation can support Aboriginal business from printers to uniform suppliers. We have already started down this path, in Western Australia we have developed a commercial relationship with Wirrpanda Chemical Supplies, which forms part of the Wirrpanda Foundation.

The Wirrpanda Foundation exists to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders through education and employment opportunities. We have also partnered with registered training organisation Learning Sphere, to provide employment opportunities across our NSW cleaning operations.

The final step is to formalise our Reconciliation Action Plan, turning our thinking into action and this is not far away. We look forward to sharing this soon.

Awards Photo v6


Glad Group Security Officers Ahmad El Masri, Novica Ilic and Brendan Noble were acknowledged for their dedication and heroic efforts, receiving one of the security industry’s highest accolades, The Australian Security Medal of Valour at this year’s The Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc’s gala awards event, held at The Museum of Contemporary Arts on Friday 14 September.

Ahmad El Masri and Novica Ilic’s Story

Both men were initial responders to a volatile situation within a large Liverpool shopping centre in February 2018. They were faced with a situation that could have easily escalated into a deadly incident. With limited resources they managed to control two large angry groups engaged in an altercation, saving a life in the process.

Ahmad El Masri’s quick thinking saw him physically disarm a knife from a would-be attacker, thwarting his attempts to stab an unsuspecting victim from behind.  The amazing part is the potential victim didn’t even know what was going on behind his back as he fled the scene, he simply walked away to live another day.

Novica Ilic, acted as a human barricade physically blocking the large group from spilling down the shopping centre escalator into the food court. His efforts ensured collateral damage was kept to an absolute minimum, stopping the flow of violence from further entering the shopping centre.

Together these Security Officers acted selflessly and heroically. They put themselves directly in harm’s way, miraculously stopping what could have been a fatal injury and countless injuries to innocent bystanders.

“What I know is these men acted with such bravery, risking their own lives for strangers. Not only did they stop a stabbing they also stopped innocent shoppers from witnessing something horrific. Since this incident Thursday night shopping has been incident free. Ahmad and Novica have both largely contributed to the Security Teams’ success and remain focused on providing a great customer experience in a safe shopping centre.” Moss Taione, Client Services Manager, Glad Group

Brendan Noble’s Story

In June 2018, Brendan Noble was the first responder to a medical emergency within a small Perth shopping centre. An elderly male had become unsteady on his feet and collapsed in a store, prompting retail staff to contact security.

Brendan Noble, Security Officer and Moss Taione, Client Services Manager, Glad Group

Brendan Noble, Security Officer and Moss Taione, Client Services Manager, Glad Group

Brendan took full control of the incident utilising his limited resources by requesting retailers and cleaning staff to contact emergency services and secure the area, whilst he provided first aid. He continued to support the elderly man until paramedics arrived. Brendan has been acknowledged for his outstanding efforts, quick thinking and leadership qualities he displayed during this traumatic incident, which could have easily overwhelmed others. Brendan remained calm and responded appropriately under extremely difficult circumstances.

Ahmad El Masri, Novica Ilic and Brendan Noble are all deserving recipients of The Australian Security Medal of Valour and we congratulate them for their service and bravery.

The Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc, was established to honour every day heroes that keep us safe at our local shopping centre, place of work or at a special event. Their aim is to change perceptions of the security industry and highlight the importance of security in our society.

Reconciliation Week


As part of Glad Group’s commitment to creating a Reconciliation Action Plan that focuses on developing and strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, a group of Glad Managers were recently given the unique opportunity to explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history at Yarra Bay House, La Perouse Aboriginal Community, Bidjigal Country with the Aboriginal Employment Strategy Ltd (AES).

It was a day of interaction with the Muggera Aboriginal performers and a day of learning.  Did you know there is over 360 different Aboriginal languages and groups across Australia.

The experience was a  celebration of National Reconciliation Week and also signified the start of Glad Group’s journey to developing a corporate Reconciliation Action Plan that will guide the organisation on career and business opportunities for Aboriginal people.

lad Group Reconciliation Day

Committed to developing a meaningful Reconciliation Action Plan, Glad Group is partnering with Kristy Masella from AES. The objective is to deliver a plan that encompasses understanding and awareness of Aboriginal culture and generates greater inclusion into Glad Group operations.

“We are thrilled to be working with Kristy and her team, Glad has a long history of working with groups that support Aboriginal employment, we are now taking it one step further and will formalise our thinking into a plan with will guide our future employment strategies” – Lee Bayram, Employment Relations Manager.

Glad Group is very excited to have started this journey with AES. The next step will be a planned workshop allowing Glad employees to contribute to the development of this important movement.

Carillon City Bear and gold coin donation


A simple gold coin donation, hugs from a bear and the smooth vibes of Maera Paki brought to life Carillon City ’s very first Big Change for Small Change community event, raising money for Perth’s Children’s Hospital Fund.

Held on Friday 27 October in what’s believed to be an Australian first for a Retail Property Group, Carillon City invited shoppers to make a gold coin donation upon entry to the centre, with all funds raised directly supporting the children and families using crucial services at Perth Children’s Hospital.

It was a real community event brought to life by a very dedicated team from Carillon City Centre Management and the Glad Group Integrated Services Team. Not only did our State Manager Tracy Kalphas have her cleaning and security hat on, she was also disguised as Stitches the Bear, showering little kids (and big kids) with hugs, bringing heartfelt smiles to their faces.  Both retailers and shoppers enjoyed the fantastic vibes of Maera Paki, who donated her time to support the event and enjoyed lots of fun activities across the day.

“It was an honour to be involved in this great community event, we work hard every day to create a wonderful shopping experience for the local community, so to have some fun and raise money for Perth Children’s Hospital was a fantastic opportunity,” said Tracy Kalphas, Glad Group State Manager.

Well done to the whole team, $4,245.80 was raised on the day and there are bigger plans for Big Change for Small Change in 2018.


Thank your cleaner day 2017 Glad Group


Cleaning is one of the most important industries in the world. Everyday skilled hardworking cleaners work late into the night to ensure your office, end of trip facilities or local shopping centre are presented at their best and ready for the next business day. They are like magical beings, you don’t see them vacuum the floor, empty the bins, clean the windows, polish the floors or make sure the amenities are glistening clean. Usually all this happens after working hours. It’s a case of out of sight, out of mind.

Each day over 62,000 cleaners across Australia and New Zealand work nights, weekends and during the day to keep your working and living environments clean, safe and hygienic. Their actions power a $4 billion cleaning industry that has grown on average by 2.8% per year for the last 5 years. This growth has been driven by an increase in businesses outsourcing cleaning services and a rise in residential demand from high and dual-income households, especially ageing residents.

For Glad, our cleaning teams are our most valuable asset so we invest highly in our people providing ongoing training and career opportunities. They are the face of Glad, representing our brand and creating welcoming spaces for people like you and me.

If we’re really honest, cleaning is something we take for granted especially when we don’t have to do it. Whether it’s schools, hospitals, office buildings or transport, cleaners plays a vital role in infection control and in addition, the rise of green cleaning has resulted in reduction in chemical use and innovative machinery and microfibre technology have improved the health of buildings and the environments we occupy every day – there’s a lot to be grateful for.

So, today take a moment to think about the impact cleaners have on your daily life and if you see a cleaner in the food court, office kitchen or hallway a smile and two those two simple words – thank you – will go a long way.

Gilbert Johnson Customer Service Professional of the Year


At Glad Group, we understand that the delivery of exceptional customer experience is the output of human factors and people interactions. Irrespective of any role, all our people have some degree of accountability in delivery of customer experience.

From cleaning, security to concierge, maintenance and administration, all members of the Glad team interact with people as much as they do any process or procedure. We all play a part in service delivery – and directly for the standards of presentation and conduct our customers expect.

A testament to our commitment to customer service excellence is reaching the finals of the inaugural Australian Service Excellence Awards (ASEAs) in the category of Customer Service Professional of the Year. Our Security Officer, Gilbert Johnson, is in the running to take home the highest national award recognising best practice and innovation in customer service. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because earlier this year Gilbert won the “People First Ambassador Award” for excellence in customer service across all GPT Group assets, after being nominated by the tenants in the building.

So we asked Gilbert what’s his secret to great customer service; in his humble manner he responded”

“It’s something that I do naturally because I just like helping people. If I see a person that looks lost I will offer my help. If there’s rubbish on the floor I will pick it up, if I’m called to assist with an unhappy visitor I will listen to their story and find the best solution so everyone can go about their day happy. I also have been working with a wonderful team. I’ve been in my role for over 10 years and the training I’ve received and the support of my managers and colleagues have been very valuable. Finally, the most important lesson that I’ve learned over all these years is that the small things we do outside of our ordinary duties are the ones that leave the biggest impression on our customers.”

The winner will be announced on 25 October at the ASEA Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony and we wish Gilbert the best of luck.