Reconciliation Week


As part of Glad Group’s commitment to creating a Reconciliation Action Plan that focuses on developing and strengthening relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, a group of Glad Managers were recently given the unique opportunity to explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history at Yarra Bay House, La Perouse Aboriginal Community, Bidjigal Country with the Aboriginal Employment Strategy Ltd (AES).

It was a day of interaction with the Muggera Aboriginal performers and a day of learning.  Did you know there is over 360 different Aboriginal languages and groups across Australia.

The experience was a  celebration of National Reconciliation Week and also signified the start of Glad Group’s journey to developing a corporate Reconciliation Action Plan that will guide the organisation on career and business opportunities for Aboriginal people.

lad Group Reconciliation Day

Committed to developing a meaningful Reconciliation Action Plan, Glad Group is partnering with Kristy Masella from AES. The objective is to deliver a plan that encompasses understanding and awareness of Aboriginal culture and generates greater inclusion into Glad Group operations.

“We are thrilled to be working with Kristy and her team, Glad has a long history of working with groups that support Aboriginal employment, we are now taking it one step further and will formalise our thinking into a plan with will guide our future employment strategies” – Lee Bayram, Employment Relations Manager.

Glad Group is very excited to have started this journey with AES. The next step will be a planned workshop allowing Glad employees to contribute to the development of this important movement.

Carillon City Bear and gold coin donation


A simple gold coin donation, hugs from a bear and the smooth vibes of Maera Paki brought to life Carillon City ’s very first Big Change for Small Change community event, raising money for Perth’s Children’s Hospital Fund.

Held on Friday 27 October in what’s believed to be an Australian first for a Retail Property Group, Carillon City invited shoppers to make a gold coin donation upon entry to the centre, with all funds raised directly supporting the children and families using crucial services at Perth Children’s Hospital.

It was a real community event brought to life by a very dedicated team from Carillon City Centre Management and the Glad Group Integrated Services Team. Not only did our State Manager Tracy Kalphas have her cleaning and security hat on, she was also disguised as Stitches the Bear, showering little kids (and big kids) with hugs, bringing heartfelt smiles to their faces.  Both retailers and shoppers enjoyed the fantastic vibes of Maera Paki, who donated her time to support the event and enjoyed lots of fun activities across the day.

“It was an honour to be involved in this great community event, we work hard every day to create a wonderful shopping experience for the local community, so to have some fun and raise money for Perth Children’s Hospital was a fantastic opportunity,” said Tracy Kalphas, Glad Group State Manager.

Well done to the whole team, $4,245.80 was raised on the day and there are bigger plans for Big Change for Small Change in 2018.


Thank your cleaner day 2017 Glad Group


Cleaning is one of the most important industries in the world. Everyday skilled hardworking cleaners work late into the night to ensure your office, end of trip facilities or local shopping centre are presented at their best and ready for the next business day. They are like magical beings, you don’t see them vacuum the floor, empty the bins, clean the windows, polish the floors or make sure the amenities are glistening clean. Usually all this happens after working hours. It’s a case of out of sight, out of mind.

Each day over 62,000 cleaners across Australia work nights, weekends and during the day to keep your working and living environments clean, safe and hygienic. Their actions power a $4 billion cleaning industry that has grown on average by 2.8% per year for the last 5 years. This growth has been driven by an increase in businesses outsourcing cleaning services and a rise in residential demand from high and dual-income households, especially ageing residents.

For Glad, our cleaning teams are our most valuable asset so we invest highly in our people providing ongoing training and career opportunities. They are the face of Glad, representing our brand and creating welcoming spaces for people like you and me.

If we’re really honest, cleaning is something we take for granted especially when we don’t have to do it. Whether it’s schools, hospitals, office buildings or transport, cleaners plays a vital role in infection control and in addition, the rise of green cleaning has resulted in reduction in chemical use and innovative machinery and microfibre technology have improved the health of buildings and the environments we occupy every day – there’s a lot to be grateful for.

So, today take a moment to think about the impact cleaners have on your daily life and if you see a cleaner in the food court, office kitchen or hallway a smile and two those two simple words – thank you – will go a long way.

Gilbert Johnson Customer Service Professional of the Year


At Glad Group, we understand that the delivery of exceptional customer experience is the output of human factors and people interactions. Irrespective of any role, all our people have some degree of accountability in delivery of customer experience.

From cleaning, security to concierge, maintenance and administration, all members of the Glad team interact with people as much as they do any process or procedure. We all play a part in service delivery – and directly for the standards of presentation and conduct our customers expect.

A testament to our commitment to customer service excellence is reaching the finals of the inaugural Australian Service Excellence Awards (ASEAs) in the category of Customer Service Professional of the Year. Our Security Officer, Gilbert Johnson, is in the running to take home the highest national award recognising best practice and innovation in customer service. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because earlier this year Gilbert won the “People First Ambassador Award” for excellence in customer service across all GPT Group assets, after being nominated by the tenants in the building.

So we asked Gilbert what’s his secret to great customer service; in his humble manner he responded”

“It’s something that I do naturally because I just like helping people. If I see a person that looks lost I will offer my help. If there’s rubbish on the floor I will pick it up, if I’m called to assist with an unhappy visitor I will listen to their story and find the best solution so everyone can go about their day happy. I also have been working with a wonderful team. I’ve been in my role for over 10 years and the training I’ve received and the support of my managers and colleagues have been very valuable. Finally, the most important lesson that I’ve learned over all these years is that the small things we do outside of our ordinary duties are the ones that leave the biggest impression on our customers.”

The winner will be announced on 25 October at the ASEA Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony and we wish Gilbert the best of luck.



We asked everyone at Glad to share with us fatherhood stories. Some shared what fatherhood means to them, some took a trip down memory lane and shared a special memory about their father, some shared words of advice that will stay with them forever and of course some shared the funny side of fatherhood. So many different stories and such a beautiful result in the end…

1. Fathers show us what the real blessings in life are…

FATHER’S DAY Fathers show us what the real blessings in life are

2. They teach us resilience…

FATHER’S DAY They teach us resilience

3. And honesty…

FATHER’S DAY And honesty

4. Fathers are there to break the stereotypes

FATHER’S DAY Fathers are there to break the stereotypes

5. They play a major part in shaping who we are

FATHER’S DAY They play a major part in shaping who we are

6. And are always there to pick us up

FATHER’S DAY And are always there to pick us up

7. Becoming a father changes you forever

FATHER’S DAY Becoming a father changes you forever

8. Fatherhood is the best job in the world!

FATHER’S DAY Fatherhood is the best job in the world

9. Even when it costs you a lot…

Even when it costs you a lot

10. And because it’s one of life’s greatest experiences.

And because it's one of life's greatest experiences

Although fathers should be celebrated every day, we can look at Father’s Day as New Year’s Day – an opportunity for a new resolution, to reconnect, pick up the phone, spend time together, for a moment forget about everything else that occupies our lives and just be there to show them how much they mean to us…

Happy Father’s Day from the Glad Group!


Panthers Rugby League Academy


Living in a great community gives all of us a much needed sense of belonging, a feeling of security and social opportunities where we can learn and have lots of fun. When Glad Group started cleaning and security services at Westfield Penrith in March 2017, we wanted to become a real patron of community spirit – and what better way to do that than through football and the Penrith Panthers.

In 2002 Penrith Panthers started their “Panthers on the Prowl” community development foundation and Glad Group has just become a major corporate partner of the program.

“We’re always looking for opportunities to support the local communities we’re located in. Panthers on the Prowl offers initiatives that focus on building the strength of social capital in the local community through a range of programs targeting positive social connections for families, children and overall community welfare needs. It was the perfect fit for Glad and we couldn’t be happier with the opportunity.”, James Carlile – Glad Group Chief Operating Officer.

Panthers on the Prowl runs a number of programs targeting different areas of the community. Local schools are offered various programs targeting active life styles, self-esteem and personal development for kids that need just that extra help and adult computer literacy. It also offers education and training opportunities for players post career.

If you visit the new Panthers Rugby League Academy you can’t miss our name at the door. The Glad Group Panthers Rugby League Academy is now in full operation. This amazing $22 million state-of-the-art facility located behind Panthers Leagues Club is now the fulltime training and development facility for the Panthers senior and junior squads. The facility is one of the best of its kind in the country and has not only been designed to produce top rugby league players but also engage the players in local schools, apprenticeships, trades or tertiary education courses.

We look forward to sharing the successes of Panthers on the Prowl and can’t wait to see the Penrith Panthers in this year’s NRL final series.

hands community


“We are very proud to be a part of this inspiring program that is truly changing lives for the better with two candidates working currently on site with another to start shortly”, said James Carlile – Chief Operating Officer.

Marist180 strives to create positive life changes for those most vulnerable in our communities by delivering a range of life skills programs for at risk young people, their families, those experiencing mental issues and refugees.

We’re excited to announce through our association with Marist180, we are currently working with the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Both are not for profit organisations that assist people wishing to transition into the workforce, giving them employment opportunities to work, earn an income and build their self-confidence through independence in the community.

Working closely with the Coordinator for the Transition to Work Program at Brotherhood of St Laurence, we have outlined the responsibilities of potential roles at Glad Group, potential training benefits and discussed the associated positive impact as working as part of a team for candidates. With the right framework in place we work with the candidate and arrange a site visit with their case manager.

At the site visit they get a comprehensive and detailed tour, walking all areas of the site including back of house, car parks, parents rooms, toilets and so on. They are shown how staff prepare for the day and some of the WHS aspects that need to be followed. The tour finishes at the site office, where they are fully briefed on the role and systems we use. This way they can make a truly informed decision as to whether they would like to join the Glad Family.

“We currently have two candidates that have come through the program working as part of the team at Roxburgh Park Shopping Centre and another about to start shortly, so the initiative is proving very successful for both Glad and the organisations we partner with”, said Matthew Ford – Client Services Manager, VIC.

Glad has a variety of roles that can be offered to suitable candidates, such as a Security Officer responsible for patrolling the local shopping centre, or a cleaning team member that takes pride making the food court sparkling clean for the enjoyment of visitors. But it’s the ongoing training that’s invaluable, with a focus on Customer Service skills candidates are trained across all areas of the site, and work where the operational needs are at any given time. This may be doing a scheduled amenities check, cleaning up a drink that has been spilt on the floor or helping a lost child find Mum – the day is always full of variety and can be very rewarding.

Once employment has started Glad provides constant support to ensure Brotherhood of St Laurence colleagues have, and are always getting, the tools and knowledge they need to be successful.

Girls in Property


Last week, Glad Group was a proud sponsor of the Property Council of Australia’s Girls in Property Week endorsed by the NSW Department of Education. Our National Marketing and Communications Manager, Ivana Iloski, had the pleasure of hosting a table for nine Year 10 girls at the annual Women in Property Lunch on 19 May at the Westin, Sydney. The lunch was attended by 950 people who enjoyed the inspiring speech by special guest speaker, Catherine Ball, and a panel of the property industry’s leaders. They spoke about the challenges that the industry faces related to career stereotypes and attracting women in senior roles, the initiatives being taken to overcome these challenges and the opportunities for women in the industry.

The lunch was a perfect round up to the “Girls in Property Week” initiative that saw 120 students from Cheltenham, Mackellar, Riverside and Asquith Girls High Schools being introduced to the property industry. Over the course of three days, the girls had the opportunity to visit some of the offices of the industry’s leaders and have an in depth overview of their operations and the importance of the industry to the economy.

“Girls in Property Week is an initiative of the Property Council of Australia’s NSW Diversity Committee and will run from 15th – 19th May, 2017 as a pilot program. The week aims to raise awareness and encourage greater female participation in the property industry, introduce the career options available in the industry to the participants and help high school aged girls make informed choices about their future career. It is hoped that this initiative assists more young women consider and choose to work in the property industry, helping to create a sustainable pipeline of talent for the growing industry.” – Source: Property Council of Australia.

Counter Terrorism certification


At a time when terrorism seems to regularly dominate the news headlines, is at the top of nearly every country’s national security agenda and is considered to be the greatest security challenge of our time, we see leading property management companies investing in risk management strategies to not just protect their assets but the people who visit them every day to work, shop or simply have a cup of coffee with a friend. How companies identify risk and their response capability has become extremely important.

Glad Group’s Security Division offers clients a security platform based on continual development, training and education of our Security Teams involved in the operation of public arenas. This is especially important for identifying potential risk, how to be aware and emergency response capability.

As part of our ongoing initiatives, Rod Moolman, our Security State Manager for VIC recently completed the Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) course in Singapore. The certification is an internationally recognised qualification providing demonstrable proof of knowledge and expertise in terrorism prevention, detection and deterrence. Some of CCTP’s partner organisations of include:

  • FBI National Academy
  • International Counter Terror Officers Association
  • Florida Swat Association
  • International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association
  • Asian Police Officers Association

The course covers fourteen key areas of counter terrorism, which gives participants a unique set of skills and competencies ranging from understanding risk implications via scenario based training and applying effective detection and deterrence methods. It is also endorsed by Skills for Security UK, The International Society for Crime Prevention and The International Association of Counter Terrorism and Security Professionals.

“With CCTP qualifications we now have the capacity to conduct risk assessments for corporate and government clients. The knowledge gained will also be shared with our Security teams around the country, extending our understanding of various threat types such as Active shooter and Terrorism threats, both of which have already been identified by several of our clients” said Rod Moolman.

In an age where risk management is at its most critical, this certification places Glad Group in a unique position to assist clients in the security planning process to help ensure the safety of us all through innovative leading global techniques.

10 years MLC Centre


It’s not very often that an employee stays with the same company for 10 years. It’s even more uncommon for a whole team to stay at the same company, working at the same site for 10 years. That’s how dream teams are created.

Long term staff retention is something all organisations strive to achieve. The longer a staff member is with a company the more valuable they become. They’re ideal for training and mentoring others, promoting your brand to potential clients and consistently deliver quality work.
Here at Glad Group we are proud to announce this month alone five more of our staff members celebrate ten years of service. What makes this even more special, they have worked together for the last ten years – a real dream team, providing first class security services to MLC Centre Sydney.

“I am so proud of what the team at MLC Centre have accomplished. They embody the family culture instilled across our organisation and their dedication, hard work and loyalty is truly inspirational.”
James Carlile, Chief Operating Officer, Glad Group

Led by Security Manager Ravi Paliwal, the team has achieved continuous success over the years with numerous nominations and awards for GPT’s People First Awards, for their ongoing high performance standards in customer service.

So, it’s not surprising that Gilbert Johnson won the inaugural People First Ambassador Award this year for his service dedication.
We could not be more proud of this exceptional team and all they have accomplished. Each of these individuals is responsible for enhancing Glad Group’s reputation and delivering the very best customer experience. We look forward to the next 10 years!

Picture: James Cass (Dockmaster), Gilbert Johnson (Security Officer), Ravi Paliwal (Security Manager), Leonard Joudo (Dockmaster) and Sangdeep Ghasti (Security Controller).