Balance for Better International Women's Day


Why is Gender Balance so important for Glad Group

Gender balance is at the core of what we stand for at Glad Group, where each of our 2500 employees must have access to the same opportunities and be able to develop their career. By tapping into the full potential of men and women, Glad Group is stronger, more innovative, and better at serving its clients Australia wide.

We have been on a journey at Glad Group to make gender balance a reality. We have put in place an ambitious strategy and have worked tirelessly to raise awareness among our teams.

Our diversity and inclusion targets for 2019 are:

  1. Glad workforce to achieve 45% / 55% female to male ratio by 2023. This will be achieved by focusing on the recruitment of more female security and concierge team members.
  2. To boost the number of females in security and concierge roles, Glad Group will partner with Security Education facilities to better understand the barriers to attract and develop more women in security and concierge roles.
  3. 25% women in Senior Leadership roles by 31 December 2021 with a stretch target to achieve equal female to male representation at the senior leadership level by 2023.

In 2017, we asked our employees to #BeBoldForChange, by encouraging staff to step up and take ground-breaking action to help drive gender equality.

In 2018, we worked together to #PressforProgress, demonstrating that individually we are one drop, but together we’re an ocean.

Glad Group believes the key to a harmonious society is balance, which is why we are proudly supporting International Women’s Day ‘s 2019 theme #BalanceforBetter and will continue to invest in workplace initiatives dedicated to gender equality.

It is our social responsibility to not only develop policies about gender equality in the workplace, but also to enforce these by setting and achieving targets that show our commitment and achievements.

Gender equality is now an anchor of Glad Group’s culture, values and strategy. We are creating leadership opportunities for women, deploying a long-term internal campaign on the importance of gender balance and, critically ensuring we never stop thinking and improving gender balance at Glad Group.

Glad Group believes in the absolute necessity of gender balance. The company has long been committed to addressing these gaps and to promoting the place of women on its teams and in the property service industry.

Our goal for International Women’s Day is simple: enhance gender balance in our workforce and empower women across the entire value chain.