Leadership Team

Glad Group could not be where it is today without the knowledge, hard work and dedication of the Leadership Team. Together they have combined industry experience of over 200 years.

Nick Iloski Glad Group

Nick Iloski
Managing Director

Nick Iloski is the Managing Director of the Glad Group. Having built the Glad Group from the ground up through dedication, persistence and a talent for business, Nick has managed to transform a solo operation into a fully integrated group of companies with national reach.

Nick has successfully cultivated positive and lasting relationships with his clients built on trust and integrity and fostered long term loyalty and dedication amongst employees.

Nick’s ability to address business challenges collaboratively has been crucial to the success and growth of the business.

Lucy Iloski Glad Group

Lucy Iloski

Co-founder of the Glad Group, Lucy worked her way up through the ranks while helping to build the company. She is now a Glad Group Executive Director.

In the early days of the company, Lucy was instrumental in the establishment and development of the business, setting up essential business frameworks and processes. This allowed the Glad Group to grow organically with scalable, appropriate methodologies and proper regulation.

Lucy is now a member of the Glad Board of Directors and is actively involved in shaping the future of Glad.

Steve Iloski Glad Group

Steven Iloski

Steven Iloski originally joined Glad over 14 years ago. Starting at grass roots level, he worked in numerous different roles such as security guard and cleaning supervisor at various retail and commercial sites.

Through dedication and hard work Steven was eventually awarded directorship of Glad Security in 2007. His front line experience means he can successfully structure contracts to respond to every client need.

Steven has a vast wealth of knowledge of the security industry and its operations and a strong commitment to forming mutually beneficial long term client partnerships.

Steven Paul Glad Group

Steven Paul
Chief Financial Officer

Steven Paul is Glad Group’s Chief Financial Officer. He brings to the Glad Group a wealth of knowledge acquired over the years in key financial roles within the Services sector for Public, Private Equity and Private Companies.

Steven combines advanced business practices and strategy to build and implement focused financial programs.

Steve oversees the administrative, financial and risk management operations of the Glad Group. He has played a vital part in the development of Glad Group’s financial strategy.

James Carlile Glad Group

James Carlile
Chief Operating Officer

James has been leading organisations and teams in various industries to achieve service excellence and exceed KPIs for customers for the past 25 years.

James played an integral role in the successful development of Glad’s Concierge and 5 Star Customer Service Programs.

James brings to the Glad Group a real skill and passion for creating long term strategic partnerships which will see Glad recognised as the best practice benchmark when it comes to people leadership, integrity, transparency and customer service.

Tony Dutka Glad Group

Tony Dutka
General Manager – Business Engineering

Tony has had over 29 years in the property services industry, the last 10 of which he has been in charge of all contract estimation at Glad.

He brings to the Glad Group a vast knowledge of market trends and pricing models, as well as contract requirements and productivity rate strategies.

Tony’s analytical thinking and planning skills are crucial to the allocation of adequate resources and costs. This is both during the tendering process as well as during the contract, working together with clients and Glad operational management to identify further efficiencies.

Tony Dutka Glad Group

Tony Sinicropi
General Manager – Business Development

Tony started with Glad Group as a Client Services Manager, managing a number of high profile sites for prestigious clients.

Coming from a customer service background in cleaning services, he understands what needs to happen ‘on the ground’ to keep our clients happy.

Due to Tony’s outstanding commitment and natural flair for customer relations and service he is now General Manager – Business Development, ultimately responsible for making sure all our customer relationships are true partnerships and are managed The Glad Way.

Tony Sinicropi Glad Group

Ivana Iloski
National Marketing and Communications Manager

Ivana has a comprehensive understanding of the commercial operations, enabling her to analyse business needs and develop appropriate strategies to contribute to the delivery of the Group’s business goals.

Ivana is in charge of the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy which supports key business objectives and continually builds brand awareness.

She is passionate about the importance of internal marketing and communications, believing that a happy, committed workforce delivers clients better results.